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Lisa @Ktown

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Hello everyone, thought I share my recent experience when reading the past reviews on this forum.

Face 7.2: The pictures on the website is not her. I would say her face has more of a natural look with light make up.  Big eyes and good smiles to make you feel welcome when she first opened the door. 竹er would be late 20s if I had to guess.

Body 7.7: Her height is more 160cm vs 165cm, however, it was not a deal breaker for me. Manmade boobs C cups if i had to guess. She has a decent ass. I found her body resembles more of a petite girl so if you're into spinner, she may be good for you.  Skin is smooth and white and looks like she takes care of herself.

Service 7.8: I can understand why there is no 30 min session bc she really takes the time to ensure it's not a rush session. I would classify her service as GFE. Greet me at the door with good smiles, as we began to undress, she comes over to make you feel comfortable with a hug and some lfk.  Good way to set the pace. Shower for 2 was great, water flute and dfk in the shower, it was pretty hot as JJ was hard and ready to go.  Move to bedroom for main course, i would say the highlight of the session was the bbbj where you would lay back and enjoy it. Missionary was good bc there was DFK, switch to cow girl where you get a good view of her boobs.  Felt I need to take control, so doggy was the last position and she can take a pounding especially when she is more petite. Finished at the end, her english was decent to have a conversations. She mentioned that she's from BC and is leaving soon. Will probably repeat before she leaves.


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