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Asian Fever - 温哥华唯一一家 女孩本人照片机构!

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欢迎来到Asian Fever. 温哥华里最值得被信任的品牌. 我们所提供的服务都拥有一定的品质保证,并且会不断地做出改善与提升,把最好的服务带给大家.

Asian Fever. 温哥华唯一一家 女孩本人照片机构!

Here is proof we use real photos and videos.

Attached you will see the camera roll (a photoshoot is about 350-500 photos, these are the raw photos from the camera), the metadata )that the photos were taken with a Cannon EOS-R, date is off as I never set the date on the camera, but this shows that these are originals from the camera as this information is preserved, note that is a pro camera.. no apps to speak of), and the the video roll (the videos taken).

Then you can see the final photos and video for this girl and that they match on our website.. this girl would be Kim, link below.

Also note the girls all wear a shirt with our logo on it.


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