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The two events clearly exposed Canadian media's ignorance on the subjects and Canadian politicians' eagerness to lick US' ass:
I.  China's Spreme Court upheld Robert Schellenberg - a Canadian Drug Smuggler/Trader's death sentence.

A.  Practically all Asian countries' penalty for drug offence is the dealth penalty, e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.  China is NOT the only one.  Any country who wants to interfere in another country's criminal law and punishment is a challenge to that country's legal system.  Putting it bluntly, it is none of that interfering country's business!
B.  RS is a drug importor & not a small street peddler.
C.  Since he is a foreigner in China, he must rely on local Chinese to help him "market the product".
D.  RS' Chinese affiliates/associates were tried and got what they deserved - the death penalty, and subsequently executed.
E.  RS got a lenient sentence of life imprisonment.
F.  RS appealed for his sentence, so did the Chinese prosecutors.
G.  The higher court heard both appeals, revoked the previous sentence, and put in the death penalty.
H.  RS appealed again, to the Supreme Court.
I.  The sentence was upheld & that brings us all up-to-date.

For Canadian politicians, do not use the RS case to smear China.  Of all countries around the world, China suffered the most as a result of opium brought in by UK and the resultant Opium War which opened the door of foreign intervention in China for the next 100+ years.

II.  Michael Spaver sentence of 11 years' imprisonment.

A.  Michael Spaver was arrested for espionage within a few days of Canada's illegal detention of HW's CFO - Meng.
B.  Since the timing of MS' arrest was close to Meng's detention, Canada's culprit - Justin Trudeau felt it was a retalliatory arrest & to use MS as a bargaining chip.
It could well be retaliation but:
1.  Why should China arrest MS and not any other Canadian travellers in China?  I speculate MS was doing somthing illegal and was under Chinese Intelligence Bureau's microscope so that his local partners can be un-earthed & be arrested when the time comes.  Detention of HW's Meng advanced the arrest of MS.
2.  Canada negotiated directly but weekly with China for MS' release, then JT went to his superior - US Presidents for assistance.
3.  Of course, JT's plea with US Presidents was on the back burner once trade war between US & China took a turn for the worse.  Detention of HW's Meng was a bargaining chip orchestrated by US for securing an upper hand.
4.  US politicians simply do not understand that China (Ching Dynasty) was once the world's most advanced nation, was weakened due to missing the first industrial revolution & bullied by all countries for 100+ years.  AT (Artificial Intelligence) is the 2nd Industrial Revolution, China is close to the top and certainly will not let go of it.  What is one person's life to China's next hundred years' advancement??
5.  At the time of Meng's arrest, Meng's father has already stated that he was prepared for the worst that he might not see his daughter again.  This is to show China's determination not to give in!
6.  Canada has already tried previously to release Meng while saving face IF Meng signs a document admitted her guilt.  Meng refused  !
7.  During the most recent Sino-US talks in Tienjing, Meng's case was raised as one of the conditions of normalizing relations between the two countries.
8.  Recently Canada's Supreme Court also refused Meng's lawyers new evidence obtained from HSBC, in my mind for political reasons.
9.  After "B-7", JT is beginning to understand that licking US ass, will bring him nowhere and will only sacrifice Canadian lives - espionage normal carries the death penalty in China.
10.  The recent MS sentence of 11 years' imprisonment with a "footnote" of deportation could well be a face saving opportunity, particularly for Canada.
11.  China will not carrry out the "footnote" if Meng is not released first, since US has lost all credibility in the world through its lies & recent activities.
12.  So, I can bet JT will behave like a clown and lick in earnest, another round of US ass!

That is it folks, I hope you guys enjoy reading what I wrote!


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Canada is America's bitch. Always has been and always will be. That's the sad truth.

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the average age of Chinese narcotic police is 40 so the smugglers need to pay for what they have done

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