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For several years already, USA has been trying to contain China's growth by using vaious tactics - interference in China's domestic affairs, created a containment chain around China, falsely accused China of being the origin of Covid-19 without any proof while suppressing any report relating to Fort Detrick + refusing to allow WHO to investigate Fort Detrick + resigning from WHO to achieve this goal, twisted allies' arms to dislodge Hua Wei, illegally detained HW's CFO via the ass-licker, aka CDA, ulilaterraly imposed import duties on Chinese made products, Right of Free Passage in S. China Seas, etc, etc..........

Just 10 days ago, even accused China of hacking USA without even mentioning CIA's monitoing phone and emails of all allies around the world......

The above CNN news basically placed CIA in no-win situation:

1.  If CIA did not hack into China, how could they get the data?
2.  If CIA did not hack to obtain the data, did CIA MANUFACTURE data to frame China?

How stupid can CIA be?

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发表于 2021-8-11 08:55:00 | 显示全部楼层
They don't care about the validity of their claim at all, it's like that "let bullets fly" movie. They just want you to cut open your own stomach, whether you ate one or two bowls of rice noodles is irrelevant.

And right now they have all the microphones in the room, so they can fabricate the truth all the time, just like Iraq WMDs, helping vietnam against communism, defending rights of Libya and Syria lol.

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发表于 2021-8-12 00:22:40 | 显示全部楼层
Great write up. I just have one objection which is to the use of the word "stupid" to describe the actions of the CIA.

STUPID implies that the CIA's morally wrong and outright illegal actions were simply mistakes made due to ignorance. That is simply not the case. They knew perfectly well what they are doing. They just don't care.

I think ARROGANT, BARBARIC, DESPICABLE, and such words can be used, but not STUPID.

America knows that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT 有強權 冇公理. If they want to attack somebody then they'll just use whatever excuse that is convenient. That excuse can be flimsier than the toilet paper you wipe your ass with, but it wouldn't matter because they have the world's most powerful military.

I guess the most suitable word to describe them would be BULLY.

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发表于 2021-8-12 12:53:01 | 显示全部楼层
Because Biden needs to release the research report of Covid by the end of the this month, CIA is on the fire to support the so-called "evidence" so that both democrates and republicans can be satisfied.

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