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Alexe @ EscortXo

发表于 2021-4-12 23:00:32 | 显示全部楼层
pubes 发表于 2021-4-12 22:51
OP has every right to tell the truth about what happened, ***UNLESS*** it never happened and OP li ...

Totally agree.

These agencies and girls are not worried about "harm's way", that is just bullshit excuse. They are worried that their business will shrink.

They don't want this type of information shared because they want guys to stay in their happy fantasies that they are getting special treatment that no one else is getting.

If we all stay in our own little silos and keep info to ourselves in the misguided white knight belief that we are "protecting" the girl, then they win.

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发表于 2021-4-13 17:50:49 | 显示全部楼层
哥们你阅读有点问题了吧?妹子说他可以外面摩擦而没有说他可以把龟头弄进去 这些完全是俩回事. 不晓得是你翻译有问题还是脑子有病...我这用英语给你讲清楚一点:

There's a world of difference between a service being offered and boundaries being pushed beyond the provider's comfort zone.

If a provider offers pussyslide service I agree its better to report it as a PSA for health-concious hobbyists such as myself. Nothing wrong with that part.

Girls offering the BBFS service should also be outed like it was done in the past for Sakaya (Mika when she comes to Montreal) and couple of others that are not active anymore. As a health-concious hobbyist I also appreciate when this happens because I know to stay away from these girls.

What OP describes extends beyond pussyslide service. It would be penetration without condom against the provider's consent. He does not mention asking if the turtle's head could go in without a hat or getting a green light to do so from the provider. On the contrary, he pushed it in until she had to tell him to stop. That would be rape even during a civilian encounter. Even if you don't care about disease you should be afraid of potential problems doing this. Its a criminal offense, if the girl reports you to the police it can cause a whole world of trouble for you.
That's exactly what EscortsXO has reported in their recent announcement on the green board. Some sick fuckers pestering girls to get BBFS and trying without even asking.

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发表于 2021-4-13 19:36:39 | 显示全部楼层
taobvi 发表于 2021-4-13 17:50
哥们你阅读有点问题了吧?妹子说他可以外面摩擦而没有说他可以把龟头弄进去 这些完全是俩回事. 不晓得是你 ...

First of all. This report was posted a month ago. So if there are sick fuckers on the green board pestering girls for BBFS recently leading to EscortXO making announcement yesterday, I don't think its fair to blame OP for it.
Furthermore, I doubt green board members come to 747; vast majority of them don't even know about 747, nor can they read Chinese.

Secondly, I can read Chinese just fine. Its easier and faster for me to type English than Chinese.

Based on what OP wrote, I would say both OP and the MM were knowingly engaging in unsafe sex. According to the report, she allowed pussyslide which is unsafe. OP tested her boundaries by attempting penetration but he did stop when she stopped him. OP admitted that he was very tempted to put it in bareback, and he definitely was testing the boundaries. But the important detail is that he did stop when the girl told him to.

This is NOT rape. Rape is when you DON'T stop after the girl says no.

Another important detail to note is that even after OP tested the boundaries several times, the girl allowed this pussyslide to continue. She could have stopped the pussyslide (seeing as OP was on the verge of losing his self-control), but she didn't. She was ok with straddling the borderline of safe/unsafe sex too.

I want to make clear one thing. I don't encourage unsafe sex. In fact, I personally would not do pussyslides, and I recommend other guys not to do it too. But at the end of the day, different people have different tolerances for risk.

What is important is that we have this free flow of information. Its beneficial for us to know what happened. Things should not get swept under the rug to protect the image of the agency and their girls.

PS: If the girl herself considered it to be rape the guy would have been arrested aleady, but not before getting a violent beatdown from the agency's muscle. Do you really think the people running these agencies are 善男信女?They are all, including the girls themselves, way more street-savvy and mentally tough than regular guys like you and me. They can take care of themselves.

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发表于 2021-4-14 16:15:36 | 显示全部楼层
paboe 发表于 2021-4-13 19:36
First of all. This report was posted a month ago. So if there are sick fuckers on the green board p ...

大哥你说的挺有道理 这个事两方都缺乏判断力


再说妹子遇到这种危险行为应该 举报/老黑/报警 如果不做的话也说明她不怎么重视别人的健康/安全

说实话我也见过野狼在绿版的评论上赞美这种危险行为马上被删掉第二天看到妹子还在上班感觉蛮恐怖的 为了赚钱,有些人毫不犹豫地将其他人置于危险之中。 这样做挺可恶

咱们狼兄出去玩还是最好把安全留在自己的手上 自己选择不要沉迷于此类活动

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发表于 2021-4-14 19:22:14 | 显示全部楼层
taobvi 发表于 2021-4-14 16:15
大哥你说的挺有道理 这个事两方都缺乏判断力



多倫多也經常發生同類事情。MM用risky services來吸引客人回頭,但被寫出來就馬上裝逼,裝可憐,裝受害者。要求把消息刪掉。說穿了就是怕被所有人認清她們unsafe。


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发表于 2021-4-14 20:11:28 | 显示全部楼层
taobvi 发表于 2021-4-14 16:15
大哥你说的挺有道理 这个事两方都缺乏判断力




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发表于 2021-4-15 10:51:59 | 显示全部楼层
同意 妹子或店主说的话绝对不能100%相信 还是行动胜于雄辩




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