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I would say if you are looking at the M340i, you should just give the other German rivals a try.  

Honestly, in recent years, I really hate their performance badging all the car companies are using to sell their cars... a "M"340i is not a REAL M-performance car... it has a few visual options, a slightly more powerful engine via tuning (think compression/turbo adjustment), and may be some exhaust enhancements.  But all in all, you can't say a M340i is similar to an M3 because it has a similar engine.

(BTW, this goes for AMG as well.. the C43 AMG is NOT the same as the C63 AMG.. and because of the AMG brand, MB is absolutely milking it.. putting AMG on everything to yield a premium on the car, service and parts)

I would say, if you have the money.. go all the way... buy an M3.. if not.. stick with a 330i, you will save $$$ on maintenance and upfront purchase cost.

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C43 AMG is AWD V6 vs C63 AMG is RWD V8, they'd drive extremely different.  The later is a beast but 500+ hp on 2 wheels is scary and hard to control.

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