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2021 Formula-1 GP

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I only watched the first 10 laps of the 2021's 2nd Austrian F-1 GP.

RB's Max was obviously faster than the MB duel & I can predict the ending, so I quit watching.
The final positions were Max, Bottas, then Norris.

Hamilton was at one stage in 2nd but he damaged his front spoiler after going over debris on the track which slowed him down but he hung on to 4th.

Hamilton's chances of winning 2021's championship is very slim right now unless MB can solve the lack of power mystery -  RB is at least 1/2" per lap faster than MB on a short circuit (Austria), the difference will be more significant on a longer track!


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The 2021 British F-1 GP is this weekend.

There is a new format to decide the starting position of the main event.  There will be a short sprint race, the result will then decide the starting positions.


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Due to the introduction of an experimental Sprint Race in 2021's British F-1 GP, the result of which will decide the starting position of the main race, qualifying Session of the starting position of the Sprint Race was held today!

Hamilton and Bottas secured 1 - 2, while the Red Bull duo got 3 - 4.  However, Perez violated the track width limit during time trial, he was therefore moved back 2 spots.

So the Sprint Race to decide the starting position of the main event shall be Hamilton, Bottas, Max.

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Forget about what the TV Guide printed, there was suppose to have live coverage of the sprint race which I knew will not happen because it would conflict with Golf's Open Championship in Scotland (?).

Anyway, the Sprint Race to decide tomorrow's starting position has ended, & in this order, Max, Hamilton, Bottas, LeClerc.

DO NOT expect to have live coverage of the 2021 British F-1 GP!

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As expected, there is no live TV coverage of the 2021 British F-1 GP.

I am following the race via F-1's Website's live commentary in written form!  :-(

Anyway, Max led from the start grid with Ham attempting to move ahead at every little gap.  They touched.  Max is out of the race, but Hamilton's front wing suffered damage.

With debris on the track. Red flag came out & stopped the race, which would give Hamilton a chance to change a new wing without losing too much position.

Will post again when race resumes.

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Race Stewards gave Hamilton a 10" penalty for causing the accident.

After the race resumed, Leclerc was the leader, Bottas was 2nd but 10+" behind, Hamilton was 4th.

In a few laps, Hamilton passed Norris for third.  Hamilton continued inching forward, so MB Team Manager asked Bottas to make way.

With just about 10 laps available, Hamilton put his foot down & with 2 laps to go, he overtook LeClerc to win the race!

The British fans went crazy because a British driver won in dramatic fashion!

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The incident which Hamilton was penalized 10".  He took the 10" in the pits, & fought back to win at the end:


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HIGHLIGHTS  OF 2021’S BRITISH  F-1 GP: ... 4v2lAUi6l5iouv.html

I will take this opportunity to give you my take on the incident involving Hamilton and Max.

In motor racing, whoever enters the corner first, has the “right of way”, also whoever is closest to the corner, has the right of way if both cars are equal before entering a corner.

With this in mind, let us look at the incident.  Hamilton had the inside line BEFORE approaching the corner which is a chicane, i.e. a right hand turn to be followed by a left hand turn;  because he was on the inside, the corner became more acute & therefore must brake earlier which allowed Max to catch up & right before turning the right hand corner, Max was ahead of Hamilton.

At this point, Max tried to squeeze Hamilton onto the gravel track,  but Hamilton held his line and they touched.  Mind you, Max didn’t have to squeeze Hamilton at the first corner because there was a left hand corner immediately after the right, if Max had taken the usual racing line, the subsequently left hand corner will COMFORTABLY placed Max ahead of Hamilton.

Also from the video, we can see Max’s right front tire came off as a result of the incident.  So, I can safely say, Max hit Hamilton’s car first BEFORE what was shown on the video.  This basically changed the whole perspective of the incident.

So, it was a racing accident and if we must find fault, then Max had himself to blame because he caused it!

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