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2021 Formula-1 GP

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scoopboxie 发表于 2021-5-24 19:10
I find that's the story of most F1 races.
Very little to non-existing overtaking.
Most of the races  ...

Once F-1 bows to technology by allowing all kinds of innovation (too many to name) which remove the skills of the driver, it is LESS fun but not non-existent fun.

Nevertheless, F-1 is much more interesting to watch than N. America's oval circuit racing!

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The 2021 Azebaijan (check spelling) F-1 GP will be held this SUN.

2 Practice Sessions were completed.  MB's best PRACTICE time was only 11th.

I think a lot of fans will say what I will say too , "WTF!"    

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2021's Qualifying Session of Azebaijan F-1 GP has finished.

LeClerc secured the pole, followed by Hamilton and Max.

The road track in Azebaijan is slightly wider (on average) than Monaco, there is one very narrow left hand corner at exit which is the most demanding & will cost A LOT OF accidents.  Whenever, there is an accident, the red flag will be used to stop the race so that debrics can be cleared.

There will be live telecast at 0855.  Channel 98 in my area.  Please check you local listings.

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What a dramatic finish for the 2021 Azebaijan's F-1 GP!!

LeClerc lost his lead not too long after the start, then Hamilton lost his at his 1st pit stop. So, it was Max, Perez , & Hamilton or a long while.

Then, drama came....... Max's tire failed with barelky 5 more laps to go, he hit the barrier and spread debris on the track which forced the introduction of a red flag to stop the race to allow the track be cleared.

It was a standing re-start with oy 2 laps to go.  Hamilton cooked his brakes on the grid with the hope of beating Perez at the first corner.  The cooking of his brake was too much and he cannot stop at the first corner and went into the escape road, which means Hamilton, just like Max, was out of the points.

Finishing order:  Perez, Vettel, and Gasly.,

MB seemed to have found the reason of their power loss, but still not enough to match Red Bull gain.  Unless MB can completely solve the power loss mystery, RB might be the team to watch for 2021.

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The 2021 French F-1 GP will be held during this weekend, with Official Qualifying Session to be held today.

Unfortunately, there will be live telecast of the race, (according to TV Guide in my area, check yours)!

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Although TV Guide stated that there will be live coverage of the Qualifying Session, that was not to be.  

When it was all over I got the results from F-1's official website: ... 9Xucywj8UQdnxv.html

Max, Hamilton, Bottas, Perez.

No TV coverage of the race in Toronto as well.

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Based on written race commentary, the Race has just ended:

Max, Hamilton, Perez, Bottas.

MB lost because of POOR tire strategy - one stop Vs 2 stops (i.e. fresher tires for Max & beat Hamilton on the 2nd last lap) and to a lesser extent, timing of the pit stop!

If MB wants to win again this year for both the Drivers & Constructors' championship, they have to re-work their strategy, since they lost twice for the same reason!

If Max had a little more luck, he could have won ALL races so far!

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There will be two F-1 races in Austria - this weekend & the next.

Let us hope that there will be live TV coverage!

2021's F-1 is more competitive than before:
1.  Red Bull is much stronger, actually faster than MB, after "stealing" a lot of MB's technical staff.  MB is no longer the sure win team.
2.  Other teams have also improved.
3.  Maturing of younger drivers.

Too bad, we are getting less. non-existent TV live telecast!  

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