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2021 Formula-1 GP

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Prince6969 发表于 2021-5-10 13:50
lol. I didnt.  It’s the outcome is still the same even though the process is different.

Lol. Mr ...

Solo come and mutual come at the same time are totally different!

Give it a try and find out for yourself!  

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The next 2021 F-1 race, will be held in Monaco MAY 20 - 23, week away.

The race is, as usual, to be held on city road circuit. This is a race which motor racing fans must watch, not only because the circuit (on city roads) is narrow, twisty, very little chance for overtaking, it is also a proving ground for motor racing talents.

Talents, with under-powered engine can win, particularly if it rains. Talent scouts for racing teams will also monitor the race proceedings very carefully to discover the next world champion.

If you are a racing fan, "stay home" as ordered by Doug Ford, and watch the race on MAY 23!

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As a under card of 2021's Monaco F-1 GP is a F-2 Race, held & completed today.

Guess who won this race?  A driver from China:

Actually, it was not the first time that Zhou won a F-2 Race in the world stage.  You can bet that F-1 Team Owners and Managers will come calling on this Chinese driver!  

Let's keep a close watch on this Chinese talent as well!


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Qualifying Session of 2021's Monaco F-1 GP has just finished.

Leclerc, Max, then Bottas.

Hamilton was in 7th.  Since Hamilton was that far off, we can assume that something wasn't right with his car.

The Monaco street circuit is narrow with tight corners + very difficult to overtake.  Tomorrow's race will be a lot of fun!!

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Hamilton's miserable qualifying times can partially be explained by Leclerc crashing out after securing pole position resulting in a red flag to close the track, so no drivers can improve on their times

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There will be no live telecast of the 2021 Monaco F-1 GP.   

There will be two taped versions to be aired at 1130a.m. and again, I think around 1930.  

This is disappointing but what can we do?

I will read the commentary on F-1's website, then keep you all informed.

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With 2/3 of the race (2021's Monaco F-1 GP) out of the way, this is what happened:

1.  LeCler couldn't even make it to the starting grid although he won the pole because his gearbox was, or may be damaged but undetected UNTIL the race was to start, so he had to abort the race.

2.  With LeCler gone, Max started leading from Lap1.   Bottas never had the speed to catch up & finally retired after he pitted and mechanics could not removed his right front wheel for a tire change.  As a result he retired.

3.  Hamilton never had the speed, carried over from Qualifying Session, and has been in the 7th spot after the first pit stop.

4.  It seems that Max will win, having no competition.  The other Ferrari, driven by Saiz could come in second.

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The Race ended & finished the way I reported.  

It was a boring race, & I would not even recommend watching the taped version of the race!

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A boring race, nevertheless.

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发表于 2021-5-24 19:10:30 | 显示全部楼层
I find that's the story of most F1 races.
Very little to non-existing overtaking.
Most of the races are won by pit stops and cars/engines (which I don't find exciting).

I was once an avid F1 fan, watching every qualifying and race,  but gradually lost interest.

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