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2021 Formula-1 GP

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The 2021 Saudi Arabian F-1 GP 's Qualifying Session has finished.  The starting order will be Max, Hamilton, & Norris.

As per written commentary on F-1's website, Max got some help from Perez,  his team-mate who was in front on the track, gave Max a slip stream assistance which made the difference in the times.

So, Max will start ahead of Hamilton.  Max better not try his old tricks this time because the whole world is watching , including the Stewards, and he could get a sever penalty if he tries again as he has already established himself as a "abusively aggressive" driver.

Max can also try a Mutually Assured Elimination crash &  win the Drivers Championship by virtue of the fact that he has more 1st place finishes than Hamilton.  This move, of course, will taint his career.  Does he care, we don't know.

Hamilton can also avoid this MAE dilemma by establishing the fastest lap & hope that it will stay which is worth one point, and if MAE is applied by Max or himself, then Hamilton could win by just one point.

THERE WILL BE LIVE TV COVERAGE tomorrow.  Check your local TV Guide listing. for what channel to tur to.

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I  CANNOT believe this, the Stewards' flip/flop at the last minute, gave the Drivers' Championship to Max who did not deserve to win at all.

1.  RB's car was not as fast as MB's even in the Qualifying, so Perez was used to give Max a tow/slip stream to get the pole.

2.   At the start of the Race, despite Max having a set of soft compound tires on, Hamilton was faster out of the  block.  Then, Max executed a MAE maneuver which almost succeeded, but Hamilton avoided by cutting a corner to keep the position.  From then on Hamilton started pulling away to almost 20".

3.  Max pitted for fresh tires, so did Hamilton.  The gap still maintained & looked certain Hamilton will win the Race & the Championship.

4.  With 5-6 laps remaining, Latifit (check spelling) crashed, and Safety Car came out.  At this point Max went in for a set of new soft compounds while Hamilton hung on to his hard compound, all cars were ordered to follow the safety car at which point Hamilton was in front &  4 to 5 card behind, was MAX.  So the Race looked certain that Hamilton will win.

5.  When Safety car was about to exit, Stewards changed mind & allowed all following cars to move over/unlap & allow Max, with fresh tires to re-start right behind Hamilton.

6.  With worn hard compounds, Hamilton had no chance against Max's new soft compounds, & Max overtook easily.

7.  This will be a dirty stain on the records of the Race Stewards & on Max's Drivers' Championship win.

I am totally disappointed at Stewards' flip flop that 2021 Drivers' Championship was decided by their decisions & not on the race track!  Max did not deserve to win & Hamilton did not deserve to lose!  

I am certain there will be more discussions about this incident in the days, weeks, months & years to come!


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Right after the Race, MB launched  a protest with their lawyer re Stewards flip flop.  At the moment, there is no finale decision yet.

I believe the Stewards will stay firm to save face although their race decision was absurd & I have never heard of this type of decision by the  Race Stewards who seem to be amateurs and were never exposed to motor racing rules.

Onto another subject now.  I expressed my opinion for some time now that Bottas is a good driver but not a good driver in a racing mix.  In today's race, it took him a long time to overtake a slower car while a good racing driver can do it within a few corners.

Anyway, Bottas is joining another team in 2022.  We wish him well.  However, without improvement on hi s overtaking skills & without a fast car like MB, his days with F-1 racing will  be  limited.

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发表于 2021-12-12 16:47:20 | 显示全部楼层
MB is clearly the faster car in this race, much faster. I have no words. Looking forward to seeing the new season of Drive to Survive

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发表于 2021-12-12 21:51:42 | 显示全部楼层
i am a redbull fan.. and yes i am happy that mb got the short end of the stick, but i do agree that the flip flop decision really messed things up

but it was good driving from BOTH of the RB drives and a TON of luck was applied today

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Just as I thought, MB's protest was fruitless.

Although Max won via the Stewards (will explain later), and he had a faster car for 3/4 of this season, he is not a true World Champion in my books.  He was abusively aggressive & will do anything to get ahead including pushing a faster competitor's car out of the track.  Mind you, at F-1 cars' racing speed, no accident can guarantee safety for both drivers.  Racing fans need a Chief Steward who knows the rules and can & will stand his ground.

Here comes my explanation of how the Chief Steward erred to the advantage of Max:

The Chief Steward (CS) made a huge mistake!

Whenever Safety Car (SC) is deployed, it will allow all car to pass by until the leader shows up.  Then it will signal the leader to follow the SC to form a procession until debris are cleared.  Then, the SC will return to the pit n the race will resume.

In this case, Hamilton led the procession n followed by 4 other cars which he had lapped in the race, then Max.

Remember, Max pitted for fresh tires n therefore was NOT in 2nd place of the procession, or may be Max never lapped these 4 cars prior SC being deployed.

Out of the blue & at 2nd last lap, the CS instructed the SC to allow the 4 cars which was following Hamilton to pass Hamilton + the SC to un-lap themselves which was never the acceptable practice.  By doing so, Max moved to behind Hamilton = giving Max 20+" for the time which he spent in the pit for fresh tires.

With fresh soft compounds Vs Hamilton's used tires, it was NOT even a match, so Max won.

There was no justification for this decision.  This will forever remain to disgrace the Chief Steward and to taint Max's racing resume.

MB launched a protest n I did not follow from then on.

Anyway, this CS acted like an amateur and started making mistakes ever since the last race of 2 weeks ago.  
In conclusion, Max will have to prove that he is worthy of this World Champion honour in the 2022 season.

Talk to you all in 2022!


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发表于 2021-12-15 23:53:52 | 显示全部楼层
dragondick 发表于 2021-12-13 09:38
Just as I thought, MB's protest was fruitless.

Although Max won via the Stewards (will explain late ...

i disagree with the statement of " max has to prove "..

he has already proven ...

Hamilton is known to be dirty as all part of the game

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 楼主| 发表于 2021-12-20 20:22:18 | 显示全部楼层
tenzor 发表于 2021-12-15 23:53
i disagree with the statement of " max has to prove "..

he has already proven ...

In the FINAL RACE to decide 2021's Drivers' Championship, Max could NOT have won without the Chief Steward unilaterally changing Race Rules which are designed to conduct a fair race by allowing 4 cars which followed Hamilton in the procession to un-lapped themselves, thus pushing Max (with fresh tires) to be just behind Hamilton (with used tires with 30+ laps on them), and "let them race" (this was the Chief Steward's verbal response to Toto's protest just before the final lap.  The race result was already decided when this UNPRECEDENTED decision was made, bearing in mind that Hamilton had a 20+" lead over Max before Safety Car was deployed, when both were using old tires!

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