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Bill Barr resigned or fired

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This is a question to be answered.

Bill is an AG served TWO one term president, quite interesting.
Only 30 days to serve and now gone.

It could be that he cannot stomach some items from Trump to be tasked.
For instance, some unusual pardons from Trump to be executed by DOJ office.

Normally it is the privilege of US president to pardon whoever he or she wants, whenever he or she wants, particularly around time to leave the presidency that no answer is needed or even questioned.

One item is still to be validated if the president can pardon the same president (remember only for federal crimes).  Even Nixon needs to be pardoned by Ford, not Nixon himself.

Some journalist wonders if the letter was written by Trump since the content was quite nice to Trump.
Or may be Barr will get a pardon from Trump too in the next 30 days before he leaves office.

Are we all glad that the Trump age is over ?  It is about time that we get an ADULT as a US president, no more Reality Show in the White House.

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