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[Cambridge] Jessica @ Ambition Spa

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Had a very nice session with Jessica at Ambition Spa at Cambridge the other day, so I thougth I would share the good news here.
Also, I wanna give a shout out to Wonderfall here cuz he is an adsolute legend in this Non-asian section. Please 带薪嫖妓 and write more!

so back to Jessica
Age: 25~30
Face: 7
Body: 8.        very smooth skin, nicely shaved, cute little nipples and A cup but quite nice, booty is bit small to my liking, got a tastful piercing on her belly button
Service: 7.8   the massage was honestly not the best lol and can tell she smokes.. made it up with her friendly attitude. I thought she was going to give me bbbj when she was moving down BUT DID NOT so that was a bit disappointing..
Damage: $40 room fee and $80 for a HH HJ (I will say she is worth this price, but MAN I wanted that BBBJ so bad!)

Summary: prob will repeat, I should of asked her if she provide full service after seeing that beautiful pussy. I dont have much experience in spa so i wasnt sure what to expect. If anyone has been to this place or expert in spa, please show me the rope here lol

First time review, please go easy on me

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