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Bianca @ MAE88

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in one word i would describe her as the Gnd natural Korean college girl.
actually i saw her last week on her first day, i think the photo she is on the chair is her ,
i am not sure about the others photos but it's a good representation of her, she is quite young i would say early 20-23 max,
great attitude and good  pretty smile. she seems to be more quiet/shy type than super bubbly energetic girl, maybe she was already a bit tired.
service was good  but not exceptionnal, more GFE than PSE for sure. i can feel she is a bit inexperienced, which i find it nice and refreshing but she is giving her best, classic korean routine and really good bbbj, something fun was, i asked for stocking service but she doesn't have a scissors  so i had to ripped it off myself, it was quite fun and exciting haha.

treat her well, it's rare to have a "local" asian girl working here (actually she told me she arrived about one month ago and now she is studying here)

face: 7-7.5 cute and natural, light make up, not the super model type but still pretty in my opinion
body: 8 all natural,quite tall around 165cm, thin, breast are quite small A/B , nice butt, unshaved
Service : 7-7.5+ she is learning and can improved,  really great BBBJ, classic Korean routine, great soft tongue i enjoyed kissing her DFK a lot, MPOS, doggy was nice and natural cute moanings
attitude:9 really great attitude, good smile

repeat yes

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发表于 2020-3-1 10:26:06 | 显示全部楼层
Thanks for the review.

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 楼主| 发表于 2020-6-23 13:08:40 | 显示全部楼层

Yumi @ EscortXO

just saw her today i was her second client i guess, booked her for 90 min,
today is her trial day, she is [email protected] here is my previous review ... &extra=page%3D1
my rating didn't change expect  maybe for body 9 because i really miss asian spinners
and she is really tight
service is getting better with me, everything feel natural and she earn confidence, so i would put a solid 8+ now

it's the third time i met her and it's keep getting better we have a lot of great chemistry together
feel really comfortable and real gfe experience  and we alternated gentle sex and more energetic sex moments, multiple positions. she even kiss sometimes like in av movies, it's quite funny and's nice to see her with day light and not dim red light like usual, she is really cute
i was surprise she choose to work for xo especially for lower price but she told she choose xo because she has more flexilibity and she wanted to work only few hours.

con: the ac system in the xo room is not working well it was really hot we were both sweating so much xD

if you are looking for a young Korean, quite tall and thin spinner type, she is the girl you need!
be nice with her she is a great girl

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