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* 版規要求包括此帖的所有回覆。
* Forum Rules includes all replies within this thread.

非常感謝本論壇上所有用戶一路以來的支持和鼓勵. 其實我們一直都不想立什麼版規之類的東西. 我們想讓大家有最大的自由度去分享資訊. 絕大部份的用戶和廣告商亦非常合作和自律, 為此我們非常感激. 不過也有少數會員及廣告商橫行無忌, 對我們的重復警告也完全無視, 迫使我們不得不立下一些規則.

First of all, on behalf on I would like to express our appreciation to you for supporting us. Our vision is to run a forum with as much freedom as possible for members to express their thoughts and opinions. We are thankful that most members are courteous and considerate individuals. However, there have been a few instances where members have posted anti-social / harmful / false information and that is why we are establish a few rules / guidelines to ensure more smooth operation.

(1) 不得粗言穢語及人身攻擊
每人都有自己的立場和意見. 如果雙方持有不同意見, 也不用爭論得面紅耳赤. 把自己的觀點說了就算, 其他讀者會自行分析判斷誰是誰非. 請不要將同一個論點重複又重複.

(1)   No foul language and personal insults.
Please concentrate on the issue, not the person. Once you have made your point, please rest your case and let your fellow members judge forthemselves. Others are entitled to their opinions. Don't repeat the same point over and over again.

(2) 如要作出一些較嚴重性的指控, 尤其會傷害到別人的說話, 請考慮清楚, 並拿出證據. 否則被視為無中生有, 做謠生事, 甚至惡意陷害. 雖然我們大多數都不是律師, 但都是成年且有教育的人, 總要為自己的言行負責.
* 不知名的第三者消息來源 (例如 "我朋友跟我說" 或 "我在某網站看到") 並不成立為證據.

(2)  Serious accusations must be back-up with proof / credible sources.
Anonymous 3rd party information (i.e. "my friend told me" or "I read somewhere") is not considered proof.

(3) 嚴禁: 寫手 (shills), 馬甲 (fake accounts), 假報告 (fake reviews).
廣告區以外不容許發放廣告性質的帖或回帖, 包括PM.

(3)  Shills / fake accounts / fake reviews are not allowed.
Posts of promotional nature are not allowed except in designated advertising sections.

(4) 請勿灌水.
* 包括: 濫發 "謝謝分享", "PM我", 一堆表情符號, 沒意思的廢話, 以及離題的回復.

(4)  Please do make meaningless posts or replies.
* This includes: massive amounts of "thank you for sharing", "PM me", emoticons, random/unrelated comments, and also hijacking a thread by replying with other topics.

(5) 標題必須明確地反映話題, 讓讀者點擊進去前已經能清楚裡面大概討論什麼.  清楚的標題對將來翻查大量舊帖搜查資料時很重要.
* 報告帖的標題必須以 "MM名@店名" 格式. 浮誇/刻意吸引眼球/有宣傳意識的報告標題都不容許.

(5) Titles of posts must clearly reflect the topic of the post.
A reader should know by reading only the title what the post is about before clicking into it.
Clear titles are important for future searching & referencing archives of large quantities of posts.
Review titles must use "[email protected]" as format. Sensational titles or titles that sound promotional are not allowed.

(6) 如發帖詢問事情, 請在標題加上 "?".

(6) If a new post/thread is created to ask/seek information, please include a "?" at the end of the title.

(7) 任何報告, 信息, 或回復, 發一次就夠了. 沒人回復就代表大家都沒興趣或不想答. 不要重復地發, 或推自己的帖迫別人回應你.
* 同一位狼友, 不可以為同一位MM寫超過一份報告. 就算MM轉了店或換了名子, 還是同一位MM.

(7) Any reviews, comments, questions, or replies should only be posted once. If nobody answers, then nobody is interested. Don't repeatedly post the same thing or push your own post up to force someone to answer.
* Each member may not write more than one review for the same MM. Even if the MM changed names or agencies, she is still the same MM.

(8) 任何報告類的帖子, 如果沒有包括某些關建資料 (如MM名/店名/等等), 之後就不可以透露 (包括公開回帖或PM都不容許), 讀者也請不要問.
因為寫手會用這種心理戰術來吸引讀者, 觸發他們的好奇心, 同時又能假裝無辜(例如說: "我本來都不想透露, 只是大家都很想知, 所以滿足大家要求而已" )。

(8) If someone writes a review or post but doesn't give out the name and relevent info immediately, they are forbidden from giving it out later (whether in public or by PM), readers should not ask either.
The reason is that shills have been known to use this tactic for plausible deniability (as in "I wasn't shilling, I didn't want to give out the name, but they all requested it"), as well to bait/lure the reader by triggering their curiosity.

(9) 紅色字體和特大字體都給管理員專用.

(9) Red fonts and extra large size fonts are reserved for admin's exclusive use.

(10) 如果對本論壇的決定有什麼不滿, 可以跟版主反映. 聯絡方式在本網頁左上角. 公開發帖指罵本網卻不是解決問題的途徑.

(10) If you are unsatisfied with decisions made by the admin/moderator, you may privately reflect your concern to us. Our contact info is on the top-left corner of this website. Publicly raising a stink by opening a post and challenging the admin/moderator is not the proper method.

(11) 所有在 <生活资讯区> 以下的分區, 包括 <吹水閒聊> 及其他區, 都被定為正規話題區. 請不要在這些分區內討論或發問任何有關尋春/色情行業的事情.

(11) All sub-sections under <生活资讯区>, including <Casual Chat> and others, are designated as CLEAN sections. Please do not ask/discuss hunting/hobbying (or anything related to sex trade) within these sections.

(12) 在 "私做/媛交" 區內發帖或回帖前, 請清楚閱讀以下關於此區的特別版規. ... 1554&extra=page%3D1

(12) Before posting or reply post in the "私做/媛交" section, please read the following post for special rules pertaining to that section. ... 1554&extra=page%3D1

(13) 請勿給其他用戶發私信問資料或分享資料。有什麼要問或分享請在帖子裡問或分享。在帖子裡不該說的,也禁止偷偷在私信說。

(13) Do not send PM to other members to ask or give info. Anything that needs to be asked or said should be posted in threads publicly. If something cannot or should not be posted publicly, it is also forbidden to secretly send by PM.

(14) 請勿發任何自己的聯絡資料, 或要求別人的聯絡資料. 私信發或問聯絡資料也是違規。

(14) Do not post your contact info, nor request contact info of other's. Doing so via PM (private message) is likewise prohibited.

(15) 請勿離題。報告帖應專注討論原報告的小姐,不要發離題內容或問題(例如求推薦別的小姐)。對於一些關普偏市場狀況的題材(例如,市場價格上漲,或者對比韓妹和國妹,等)應發新帖討論。
  • 如果某小姐的帖因其他題材而不斷被回復推到頁頂,這樣對其他報告帖不公平,也可能令有心人故意引入其他題材以便讓某些報告帖長期獲關注。
  • 如果新主題很有討論價值,那麼它就應該有獨立帖子。否則,埋藏在報告帖內會令很多對原報告的小姐不感興趣的人錯過了。

(15) Do not post off-topic replies or questions. Review thread replies should focus on discussing the specific lady that is being reviewed (don't ask for recommendations of other ladies). Discussion into general market topics (for example, talking about J or K girls in general, or about price increase across the market) should be posted in a separate thread.Off topic conversation within review threads are discouraged due to 2 main reasons:
  • It is unfair if certain review keeps getting bumped up due to interest in a different topic instead of the service provider that was originally reviewed. We also want to prevent people from deliberately using this tactic (introducing a separate topic of interest) to keep certain reviews active and at the top of the list.
  • If the new topic is genuinely informative, it deserves its own thread. Otherwise, those who may be interested in the new topic and have something useful to share may miss out on the discussion if they weren't interested in the original review (and thus didn't open the review thread).
We understand that sometimes when discussing the review, some other topics may be touched on and mentioned. But if you want continue to discuss the new topic, then instead of continuing in the review thread, please open a new thread for that new topic instead.


歡迎你們加入747的狼群社區. 由於本人收到太多PM, 如果忘了回復你, 真的對不起.
對於新的哥們, 可能對尋歡抱著緊張的心情, 和很多不明之處想發問. 我們亦很歡迎這種 "學術性交流". 不恥下問是好的心態. 不過也請大家先花一點時間, 先看看其他人的帖. 不要什麼都不看就開口問別人. 一些稍有名氣但沒打廣告的場, 為方便大家, 我也把聯絡資料放在廣告區頂部.

Welcome to, due to the sheer amount of PMs I get, please excuse me if I neglected to reply your message.
We realize some of you maybe new to this hobby and have lots of questions. This is understandable, and we encourage you to seek opinions and ask questions. However, we have also made a tremendous effort to provide as much useful information as possible to assist members. We would appreciate if new memberswill make the effort to search the forum first before asking any questions (the answer may be there for you already). Most importantly:

(I) 不要發任何帖問 "有沒有人試過某某女孩". 我們不需要這種帖堵塞論壇的垃圾帖. 若沒有報告帖, 你可以選擇等報告, 或試另一個, 或為狼友們出分力, 自己去試完回來分享報告.

(I) Don't post "has anyone tried such&such MM" type questions. These are considered junk posts that clutter the forum. If you are interested in a certain MM, then please do a search for her reviews (they may not be in the first page, so please scroll through subsequent pages and look thru the titles of older posts). If there really are no reviews, then you can either, wait for her review to appear, or try another MM, or go try her out (TOFFT) and share a review with us afterwards.

(II) 女孩都轉得很快. 舊廣告上的MM極可能已經走了/沒做了, 所以無需問.

(II) There is no point in asking about old ads as they are likely expired, and the MM gone already.

(III) 凡 "求推薦" 或 "有沒有試過xxx" 類的問題,都不許發新帖。請自己先做資料搜集。如果認真搜尋了都沒有你想找的,那就在問題區內的專題帖(橙色標題那個)裡面以回覆發問。

(III) Do not open new threads to ask "any recommendations for" or "anyone tried xxx"  type questions. Please search existing reviews instead. If you have done thorough research and still cannot find what you seek, then the only place where its allowed to ask for recommendations is the dedicated thread for such questions (orange-highlighted title) in the sub-section for questions.

請勿發一些近期已經被問過的問題 (發帖前請先看一下近期的帖), 也請勿發一些太广泛或太模糊的問題. 起碼把范围收窄一點, 或先說一下你的見解.
那些什麼內容都沒有, 就只得一句 "有什麼好推荐" 的帖, 不單止懶, 也對其他人不尊重, 更浪費論壇空間.

(IV) Don't open a post to discuss or ask about a topic which has recently been discussed/asked (before posting please look at recent posts). Also please don't ask general / vague / open-ended questions, ask least narrow down the scope of the question, and give your own insight first to start the conversation. Posts which only contain a few words or a single sentence asking "what do you guys think of such and such" or "any recommedations for such and such" are not only lazy, but disrespectful, and a waste of space on the forum.

發帖前看清楚分區名. 不要隨便亂發在不適當的分區. 有關尋春的問題帖必須發在問題區(小區),不可發在任何地區的主區。

(V) Look at the section names before posting. Don't post in section where the topic doesn't belong. Inquiry/question threads related to hobbying should be posted in the sub-section designated for questions; don't post it in any region's main section.

(VI) 怎么增加积分(或升級)?
寫報告及回帖參與討論就能加分. 但嚴禁灌水和無聊沒意思的回復. 升級沒有捷徑, 我們是故意設定一些特權和優先給有貢獻的會員.

(VI) How to gain points (or level up)?
Share reviews and reply others' post and actively participate in dicussions. However, spamming and posting meaningless junk is forbidden. There is no short-cut to achieving senior status, we want to reward members who contribute often, and such privileges must be earned.

(VII) 在問其他東西前, 先看 "新手指南+行內術語" 帖, 裡面可能以經有你找的答案.

(VII) Before asking anything else. Please read the "Newbie Guide + Glossary" post. The answer to your questions may likely be in there already.

免責聲明: 本論壇跟所有廣告客戶的立場並無關連. Azn747的立場中立, 不能為廣告商的行為負上責任.


使用道具 举报

 楼主| 发表于 2011-10-26 20:57:53 | 显示全部楼层
廣告規例 / Advertiser Rules :

(a) 廣告帖上, 請放上一些基本資料, 如: MM名字, 種族/語言, 年齡, 外表描述 (有照片就最好) & 身高/三圍, 價錢, 地址, 營業時間, 聯絡電話. 不要只留個電話或網址.

(a)  All ads must include basic information, including: names of girls available, their ethnicities & spoken languages, age, brief description of their appearance, height/weight/measurements, location, price, hours of operations, and phone number for booking.

(b) 廣告帖標題不容許放任何聯絡資料 (包括電話/網址/及其他). 廣告帖內 (包括當中的圖片) 除了電話和網址之外, 不許放任何其他聯絡方式 (包括微信/QQ/電郵/或任何其他), 也不容許含有其他加國情色網站的名字或連結.

(b)  Ad titles may not contain phone numbers or any contact information. Ad content may not contain social media or any type of contact information other than phone number and website. This includes information contained within pictures. Names and web-links of other forums are likewise prohibited.

(c) 廣告內所發放的任何網址都必先經版主審查及同意. 版主保留權利不容許發放對本網利有損害的網站 (包括:  網站帶有木馬或病毒等等 , 網站內有其他論壇連結, 網站由跟本網敵對的人士所創做).  版主保留最終決定權.

(c)  Any website link to be posted within ads must first have moderator approval. Moderator reserves the right to deny approval to the posting of any website that we deem to be harmful, unreliable, or suspicious.

(d)  一家店不可以幫另一家店推廣告帖.

(d)  Advertiser accounts may only bump their own ads; bumping other advertiser's ads is not allowed.

(f) "一夜情/援交/包养" 跟普通場內做的MM是明顯不同性質, 你們慬的. 請勿在 [一夜情ONS/私做/援交/包養] 區裡面發帖或回帖, 店主不容許在此區宣傳或招聘.

(f)  There is a section for one-night-stand, sugar daddy/daughter, and otherwise non-professional girls who are active on a very limited basis. This section is off-limits to agents seeking to recruit and professional escorts seeking to advertise.

(g) 除了在特殊情況下 (並得到版主許可), 廣告商不可在廣告區以外發帖或回帖.

(g)  Unless under exceptional circumstances, and moderator approval is gained, otherwise agents and advertisers are not allowed to participate in the discussion sections.

(h) 多倫多廣告區有分類 (按摩 / 鬼妹 / 亚裔). 廣告商限定只能在其中一個分類區裡發廣告區; 不容許來回轉換分類區發廣告.
舉例: 一家亚裔為主的店的鬼妹廣告也應該發在亚裔廣告區; 相反亦然.

(h)  Advertisers may only advertise in one ad section. If, for example, an Asian agency employs a non-Asian girl, she should still be advertised in the Asian agencies ad section.

(i) 我們鼓勵廣告商在廣告內放真實照片. 如果用假照片 (即是指不是你店內女孩的本人照片) 必須在廣告內清楚明示圖片為 "參考圖" 或 "非本店女孩". 絕不容許拿假照片欺騙顧客. 店主亦有責任查明照片真實, 絕不接受把問題推在女孩身上. 如店主因為廣告用假照片而被狼友們公開揭破, 版主不會為店方刪帖或暪真相.
* Spa店廣告是例外. 因為營運模式不同, spa店女孩都不會提供照片, 所以所有spa廣告照片一律只屬裝飾作用, 並非店內MM.

(i)  Ads should contain real photos of the actual girl that is presented to customers. Fake pictures may only be used if clearly marked as "not the actual girl the customer will meet". Agency owners have responsibility to verify that the photos they use are real. We will not accept passing the blame to the girl with the excuse that fake photos were provided by the girl and the agency owner did not know. If any agency uses fake photos, and this is exposed in a public post, agency owners shall not ask the moderator to remove such posts, we will not oblige nor condone any attempt to deceive customers.
* Spa ads are an exceptional case where the default assumption will be that all spa ad pictures are for decoration purposes only.

(j) 嚴禁假報告和抺黑行為. 假報告的定義, 除了由老闆(或MM)自己寫的, 也包括老闆的朋友和熟客受到老闆(或MM)要求或影響之下所寫的報告和評論. 報告真假由版主判斷以及作最終決定. 版主保留權利刪除感覺不真實的報告.

(j)  Shilling and smearing is strictly prohibited. The definition of shilling includes reviews written by agency owners or girls, and also extends to reviews written by actual customers that are intentionally exaggerated / misleading. Moderator reserves the right to determine based on his judgement whether a review is shill/smear or not.

(k) 廣告商必須明白, 廣告費所買的只是一個廣告位, 而不是版主替你作網上宣傳和打手. 其他論壇的作風我們不願致評, 但本網的宗旨是 [真實] 而版主的立場是 [中立]. 所以除非有足夠理由相信資料是假的或惡意的, 否則版主不會替廣告商刪除或打壓任何負面評論. 版主也不會介入狼友和店主的分爭.

(k)  Advertisers must be aware that they are only purchasing an advertisement space on our website. It is not a license to shill/smear, nor will the moderator be obliged to help promote or defend the advertiser. Unlike other forums, we will not automatically take the advertiser's side in disputes, nor will we help them delete unfavourable information. We believe in fairness and equality for all parties in this industry (customers, working girls, agency owners).

(l) 廣告費不能退款, 也不能轉讓.

(l) Advertising fees have a no-refund policy. Advertising fees are also non-transferable.

(m) 廣告費會因應時間及通漲而作出調整. 價格調整不會影響運作中的廣告商 (我們不會突然向你加價), 新價只會應用在新進的廣告商. 不過如果廣告商因任何理由而終斷廣告, 日後若重新在本網登廣告時則付新的價格. 若廣告商有事要暫停廣告, 可選擇預先支付一個期廣告費, 如此可保留舊價不變; 不過這預先支付的廣告費不作退款或轉讓.

(m)  Our ad rates will be adjusted occasionally to keep up with inflation. However, this does not affect existing advertisers because we will only apply the new fee to new ads that started after the fee increase. In other words, if an advertiser who joined us 5 years ago will continue paying the same low fee that was in effect 5 years ago. However, if any advertiser stops advertising, and then joins again at a later date after a price increase, they will be subject to the new rate. Advertisers who need to temporarily stop advertising but intend to re-join at a later date has the option of paying one period ad fee as deposit to keep their old ad rate. However, this deposit is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

(n) 廣告橫額位置我們會順序排位, 我們會盡量滿足客戶的要求, 但不能保證. 我們也保留權利對橫額位置作出改動.

(n)  The position of ad banners are subject to change (within the same general area, in other words, a banner at the top of page will not be moved to the bottom of the page). Moderator reserves the right to adjust the position of ad banners.

(o) 版主保留在論壇上的所有事情的最終決定權.

(o)  The moderator further reserves the right to make the final decision on any disputes/issues on AZN747 forum.

使用道具 举报

发表于 2013-3-12 19:10:15 | 显示全部楼层

*Attention!!* regarding LeoList ads (also Redzone, Wechat微信, etc)

Dear members,

Please stop reposting Backpage / LeoList ads here. This site is not an extension of Backpage.

Do not make posts such as,
"This one looks good." - Yes, it may look good, but odds are that pics may be fake, or other problems.
"Anyone tried this one?" - Maybe yes, but probably not. If you are interested then go and TOFTT to find out.

While there are occasional okay finds on BP/LL, the majority of their ads are very unreliable/deceiving. I have NO PROBLEM with genuine wolves who have found ones they like and coming back to share. BUT, we do not want shills promoting. Therefore, please do not repost those ads (or links) UNLESS you have actually tried and are writing a report.

PS: This rule also applies to ads from other venues such as Singtao, Redzone, Wechat, 66, 私做, etc...

PS PS: New accounts or accounts without a credible posting history who post BP/LL ad reviews MAY (at admin's discretion) be deleted.

Thank you!


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其實以前747並沒有禁止店主和女孩在討論區回帖. 但很快問題就出現了.

店主和女孩逐漸把討論區變相為另一個廣告區. 她們會不斷找借口發帖和回帖.

包括上來, "跟大家打個招呼", "告訢大家我回來了", "說聲謝謝", "解釋" 某事情, 甚至開帖來 "澄清" 一些雞毛蒜皮的小事. 表面上是做好customer service, 但實際上是擦屏/洗版/爭取爆光律. 我們也很清楚界定什麼情況能回帖或發帖, 什麼情況就不能.

而且, 當時還有些店主和女孩好勝心極強, 會跟別的店主和女孩鬥多. 別人一天回5次, 她們就回10次, 然後對方就發15次, 她們就要20次... 惡性循環, 互相非要把對手壓下不可.

我們勸也勸不阻, 反而每個都說我們不公平, 只覺得別人有錯自己沒錯, 還怪我們幫著對手針對她們. 所以我們最後才定下了規則. 店主和女孩以後都不能在討論區發言. 除非是很嚴重的事情, 也得先問過我們, 得到版主同意才能回復.

使用道具 举报

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积分 & 阅读权限

有不少會員問及如何獲取積分, 也反映出提升積分很困難.
本台的積分和用戶等級機制目的是為了防止寫手和騙子; 令他們難以不斷開新帳號, 然後短時間內狂刷積分成為高級會員, 再利用這個名函騙取信任.

如果积分太容易拿到就毫無意義了. 就比如, 若隨便看兩本書就能拿到大學學位, 那麼學位就一點價值都沒有了. 論壇帳號不是打遊戲升級, 沒有速成方法. 我們不想會員抱著一勞永逸的心態. 积分是為了反映會員對論壇的長期貢獻, 所以不可購買,也嚴禁灌水(因為灌水只會為論壇增添垃圾 把有用資信埋沒).

  • 閱讀權限為20的報告帖:報告寫得太簡短,欠缺關鍵資料,不達到【報告帖的基本要求】。或者有疑點,但不太嚴重。
  • 閱讀權限為30的報告帖:疑點很大,版主懷疑是寫手之作,但沒有100%肯定。這類報告帖只開放給高級帳號(借助老狼的經驗幫版主判斷報告真假)。
* 版主肯定為寫手之作的報告帖不會設任何阅读权限,會直接刪掉。



請注意  》》》 閱讀權限20 不等同 20點積分 !!!
閱讀權限為20的帖子,需要第二級用戶(一般狼友 / 150積分)的帳號才能看到。
閱讀權限為30的帖子,需要第三級用戶(資深狼友 / 500積分)的帳號才能看到。


使用道具 举报

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Basic Requirements for Reviews 報告帖的基本要求

所有報告都必須對MM的 <樣貌/身材/服務> 三方面作出具體描述. 太簡短, 欠缺資料細節的報告帖不會被通過。

  • 臉, 一定要描述五官輪廓,自然還是整容風塵味重不重,哪類風格。
  • 身材,最重要是身高,和哪類體型(苗條/豐滿/等等)。其次是胸(大小 / 真假),和有沒有多餘的肉。如果能再多點細節就更好,例如;皮膚怎樣,有沒有紋身,腰細不細,腿長不長,等等。
  • 不要只寫 "不錯","好/不好" 這類過於空泛,或 "是我喜歡的類型" 這類對讀者毫無參考價值的評語。
  • 不能只寫 "跟其他報告寫的一樣" 或 "其說了我就不用說",如果這樣就不必發報告了,只需在別人報告帖內回復就好了。
  • 也不能只說像廣告照片/介紹一樣。即使廣告照片/介紹真實,也有老板後來把真人照/資料更換成更吸睛的假照/資料的案例。所以樣貌和身材都必須自己描述。
  • 服務方面,請寫得簡單和清楚。我們不要看色情小說。


  • 你對小姐的目測年齡。注意,這並非廣告上,或店主,甚至她本人自稱的歲數。我們不需要 "她告訴我她是... " 的歲數。我們需要是你憑她外表判斷的歲數。
  • 廣告照片是否真的是小姐本人的照片。請明確表明你認為是或不是。如果廣告沒有照片,或廣告以經寫明照片非小姐本人,也請寫在報告裡。

  • 為防寫手一點一點地修改又重發,直至通過,所有報告都只有一次發帖機會。因違規或不合規格要求而被刪掉的報告,不可修改重發。
  • 資料不足的報告,可以在原帖內(不許再發新帖)以回覆補充資料。但請只補上新資料,不要重復(或更改)已寫過的資料內容。
  • 為防狼友以報告帖子作為跟店方交易的談判籌碼,我們不會答應店方或客方的刪報告要求。就算是雙方共同要求也不會刪帖。如果糾紛或誤會已經解開,可以在帖子裡以回復表示事情圓滿解決。
  • 報告帖的目的是幫助其他狼友得到準確的資料,而不是讓發帖的人借報告帖狂踩發洩或向令自己不滿的小姐或店作出報復。寫差評沒問題,我們很歡迎,但必須合理和公平。一面倒狂噴狂踩的報告帖會被刪掉。


使用道具 举报

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如用網圖,必須明顯地標注 “參考圖 非本人照片”。

如要標注為 “真人照片”,必須滿足以下5個條件(缺一不可)。
  • 照片內 必須看到小姐全身 和一份本地的報紙(首頁),如果沒報紙 只寫在空紙上的 並不會接受 - 以防 "請槍"(給點錢找個國內的女孩拍照)
  • 照片必須清淅(低清或模糊的照片不接受)- 以防修圖 / 移花接木
  • 必須能看到報紙上的日期(日期必須是上傳照片的近幾天 舊報紙不接受) - 以防把本地報紙寄回國用作拍照之用
  • 報紙上必須寫上 “小姐的廣告名 @ AZN747” - 以防盜圖 或將來被盜
  • 如果廣告內 除了拿著報紙的照片 還要放另一組照片 其他的照片必須能清楚看出是同一個人 *嚴禁魚目混珠*
* 如沒滿足以上所有條件,不許在廣告裡宣稱真人照片。

如果用的是真人照,但沒法滿足標注為 “真人照片”的條件,可以不寫 "參考圖" 也不寫 "真人照" (兩樣都不寫)。不過,請注意:
  • 店主有責任查明照片真假。本網不接納任何借口推遲(例如把過錯推到小姐身上 說照片是她給的 自己不知情)。
  • 如被發現照騙,會被公布。到時不要哀求或恐嚇,試圖迫本版主幫你刪除狼友們的譴責。本版主絕對不會違背本網堅持真相的原則。


使用道具 举报

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