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Tomorrow is another anniversary of an important date in Chinese history - JULY7. ... &extra=page%3D6

It was on this date in 1937(?) that Japan used an excuse that a soldier was missing and started an unannounced attack on "Yuen Ping City" and an 8-year Sino-Japanese War.

This led to the "Rape of Nanking" and many atrocities committed by the Japanese military.  (in recent years, Japan re-wrote school textbooks, completely denying that this animal behaviour actually happened!)

After WW-II, all S.E. Asian countries brutalized by Japan, obtained compensation.  China did not ask for a single cent!

However, Japan hasn't learnt its lesson yet, and under Abe - the current Japanes PM, and the stupidity of USA's intention to contain China, is rebuilding its military.

While China has no intention to start a military conflict in the immediate future with any neighbouring countries, we should all play a small role in boycotting Japanese goods, until Japan comes down on its knees!


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I dug up the above from 747's archives so that we will remember this date of JUL07 1937.  This was the date which officially started the Sino-Japanese War.  Please note the word  "officially", because Japanese troops had occupied Manchuria long before that date.

Millions of Chinese lives perished as a result of this war and the atrocities & war crimes committed by the Japanese.

In a few hours, it will be 7-7. don't ever forget this date!


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毋忘今日 - 七七事變!

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