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[其他] 本區新例 NEW RULE (this section): 勿發私信 / Don't send PM

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Please do not send PM's to other members for purposes of offering or seeking ONS/私做/援交/包養, nor request to be PM'ed.

All posts in this section seeking ONS/私做/援交/包養 will be set to have replies hidden; your reply will only be visible to yourself, admin, and the member who made the post. This is the only way you should initiate contact.

If you wish to view/reply certain posts, but your account level is not high enough, then you should participate / contribute more to this forum to level up. Using PM to bypass account level restrictions to posts is forbidden.

Those who violate this rule will have their account PM functions suspended. Thank you for your cooperation.

請不要發有關尋求 ONS/私做/援交/包養 的私信給其他會員, 或要求PM.

本區所有關於尋求 ONS/私做/援交/包養 的帖子都設置為隱藏回答复; 您的回复只有你自己, 版主, 和發帖人可以看到。請以回帖方式聯繫。

如果你的帳戶的閱讀權限不足以看或回复某些你有興趣的帖,那麼請多參與論壇討, 貢獻報告, 分享經驗,以便提升帳戶等級。企圖以PM繞過帖子閱讀限制是嚴禁的。



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