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楼主: Ben2009

These types of posts may be deleted from now on...

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发表于 2013-6-12 07:34:33 | 显示全部楼层
anyone who like to do "tkx...." to 5+ posts at the same time, most likely want to bump up their 积分.

the remedy to discourage these people is to reset their 积分 to zero.

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发表于 2013-6-12 12:39:30 | 显示全部楼层
Can we add a "Like" button just like FB instead?

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发表于 2013-6-12 13:32:40 | 显示全部楼层
We should just link to Facebook instead, so every time we write something on this board, it shows up on our Facebook Timeline

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发表于 2013-6-12 16:02:13 | 显示全部楼层
Ben2009 发表于 2013-6-11 17:19
Dirty thoughts came to mind when u mentioned school teachers.

Seriously though, you are right. ...

Good to see that you could step back and rethink.
One star for you for that - NOT for the dirty thoughts about any teachers.

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发表于 2013-6-13 14:45:01 | 显示全部楼层
7samurai 发表于 2013-6-11 17:15
Like anything in life use common sense  and judgement Ben ?     It's a balancing act and its ok to m ...

yes, the key is balance, micro management is bad but so is allowing anything goes

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