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[LosAngeles] Pornstars I fucked :)

 楼主| 发表于 2016-8-16 10:21:47 | 显示全部楼层
88bb141 发表于 2016-8-10 19:59
I don't have as extensive of a list as you have when it comes to starlets, but my only input from my ...

I would agree to some extent...a few of them definitely gave that vibe and I gave lower ratings to them.  However, the majority of them seemed genuine and humble.  Now I think there's two factors for this:

1) Most of the ones I see, esepcially later on in my adventures, are ones that was recommended to me by a pornstar friend of mine instead of directly though the agencies.  So I had good feedbacks and also the girls would know a bit about what to expect from me (look and performance) since a fellow pornstar recommended me to them, so they were comfortable around me.

2) Most of these girls in the industries aren't your rich party girls you see in bars that has everything given to them from the moment they were born, so they don't have 'princess-sickness'.  Many of them came from small towns and humble beginnings, such as gotten pregnant as a teenager and needed money for family or trying to get more money for going back to school and such.  So they are not your Victoria Secret's models who were born gorgeous, come from decent to rich families, and being paid millions from just looking pretty.  They literally had to work for their money.

Of course, I've seen some exceptions, and had some less than satisfactory experiences, but you win some and lose some   Hope this helps.
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发表于 2016-9-18 22:21:17 | 显示全部楼层
how did u get contact with these girls bro? never been to states but plan to go this feb.
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 楼主| 发表于 2016-10-24 19:20:53 | 显示全部楼层
鸟大大 发表于 2016-9-18 22:21
how did u get contact with these girls bro? never been to states but plan to go this feb.

I know a friend in the industry, that's how I saw most of them.  But at the start I just went on a famous review site in the US and found a couple of website/agencies that pornstars worked for.
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发表于 2017-2-22 03:46:04 | 显示全部楼层
Hooking up with a pornstar is so easy these days. The majority of them post on Eros either as an independent or through an agency. If they're posting as an independent, it'll be much cheaper than through the agency. I saw Shay Sights and Jaylene Rio last November when they visited Seattle and they were a blast. They were both posting as independents so they're rates were much lower than if they were working through an agency. Shay Sights keeps hitting me up to visit LA because she wants to do a threesome with me and her BFF (which also happens to be one of my top favorites) Kianna Dior.

While a good majority of the pornstars, even the contract girls and top tier one's, are super fun to be with , there are a handful that are absolute bitches and apparently think they're God's gift to man. TER's search function is helpful because you can search specifically for pornstars and weed out that the crappy one's.

From what pornstars have been telling me, they actually prefer doing escorting because they make more money per hour than they do filming a scene. A 20-30 minute scene takes the whole day to shoot and they'll make anywhere between $1500-$3000. My 2 hour date with Shay Sights (posting as an independent) was $1800. If she were posting through an agency, it would've been double that.

As long as you have good references, it's so easy to see a pornstar these days, especially if you live in a big city like LA, NYC, Chicago, etc. Have fun!!
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发表于 7 天前 | 显示全部楼层
boobyhunter 发表于 2017-2-22 03:46
Hooking up with a pornstar is so easy these days. The majority of them post on Eros either as an ind ...

lol I guess you are into latina milfs
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