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?? New Idea: Social Experiment in Game Theory ??

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发表于 2012-10-27 13:44:42 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
本帖最后由 Ben2009 于 2012-10-27 13:46 编辑

As many people know, the vast majority of bros read without contributing. For those that do, they are truly the heroes of our online wolf community. For those that don't, it is hard to blame them because it is human nature to act in selfish ways to protect their own interest.

More to the point, many bros want to come here to gather info to aid them in their hunting. However, they don't want to share their own knowledge, because: (A) there is no reward for doing so; and (B) they want to keep the good stuff for themselves, and don't want to cause a line-up which may prevent them from repeating.

In the past I have raised 2 benefits for sharing reviews. First is that it is for the greater good, and in the long-run, everybody (including the reviewer) benefits. Second is that review writing has more immediate benefits in that other wolves will share with you, keepers might treat you better, and so forth.

It seems like these benefits are not convincing enough. So we often find our community at a vicious cycle, where bros who unwilling to share cause other bros who originally had intent to share, to say instead "why the fuck should I share if others won't." In a sense, this is classical Game Theory where players try to maximize their own individual benefit leading to ultimate lose-lose situation for everybody.

So now, I'm suggesting a new format which I hope will help encourage mutually-beneficial behaviour, and discourage free-riders. Right now this is just a tentative idea, which is up to suggestions and modifications from you bros. That is, we should create an "insider's group" for which membership is through invitation of existing members only. The criteria for membership is their output of reviews (AND CREDIBILITY) of that individual. From then on, reviews will be shared privately (restricted access) first (for a set period of time), before being released to the general public. This would give bros more of a sense of fairness, and properly reward those who share by giving them first dibs on MM selection. Of course, bros feeling generous to share with everybody without an initial restricted-access period may still do so at their own choice.

So lets hear you bros' suggestions to this. Would it improve the user experience for everybody? Would bros actually contribute more under this format? Or would review writers still be limited to those few exceptionally generous bros?


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发表于 2012-10-27 14:56:08 | 显示全部楼层
Bad idea , totally against the nature of a Forum

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发表于 2012-10-27 15:32:35 | 显示全部楼层
Bad idea,so bad

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 楼主| 发表于 2012-10-27 15:55:19 | 显示全部楼层
反對的人也請給點意見, 解釋一下自己的立場.

如果這個新體制能令人感覺公道, 更願意交流和分享報告; 總比閱讀權限上人人平等, 但沒人提供報告的情況好一些吧? 以前有很多熱心的狼友分享了一會就停了. 原因就是對只有付出沒有回報, 感到失望.

目前, 兩位反對者都是加入了一年而從沒有提供報告的人. 立場會否有點不公平呢?

The proposal I am laying out is just a suggestion. Nothing is set in stone. It is open to changes, and to elicit better ideas. However, I hope we can all discuss possible solutions to the problem.

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发表于 2012-10-27 16:41:45 | 显示全部楼层
發報告不是希望得到什麼回報,但至少都想看到有回帖,即使是簡單的一句Thank you 也是對發帖人的一種支持及尊重。就目前所見,這裡來來去去都是那幾個所謂“元老”級在互相回應對方的帖子,為論壇製造氣氛,但對其它一眾新人所發的報告就懶得去回應。試問當你看到自己所發帖子有過百讀者但只有兩三個回帖,你還會有原動力繼續寫下去嗎?

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 楼主| 发表于 2012-10-27 18:51:24 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 Ben2009 于 2012-10-27 18:53 编辑

Chameleon, 感謝你的意見, 不過有幾點我必作出回應:

1) 你說, "幾個所謂元老級互相回應對方的帖子", 是有的. 不過他們也常常回應新人帖, 鼓勵新人參與. 反而是很多新人都不發帖, 也不回帖, 只是看了就算. 你似乎把是非黑白顛倒了.

2) Check了你的IP, 發現你有兩個帳戶 ("chameleon" 和 "cheungfaikung"). 本來, 用兩個帳戶沒問題. 問題出在翻看你兩個的history, 永遠只是或明或暗的攻擊其他會員和MM, 又或是冷言奚落. 雖然偶爾也有說得對的. 但整體上從沒提供報告, 或任何正面, 可以有助狼友們的訊息.

3) 最令我懷疑的是你唯一的一次寫報告, 用 "chameleon" 帳戶寫, 然後馬上用 "cheungfaikung" 帳戶回覆 "Nice reviews". 若干時間之後卻把報告內容刪掉, 毀屍滅跡.

以上幾點, 令我懷疑你到底是否真正狼友, 或是某些不太受歡迎的車房用作攻擊同行所用的馬甲, 又或是某處過來搞破壞傷害本台名譽的滋事份子. 目前我沒有鐵證在手, 所以雖有所猜測, 但不想作出指控. 不過要求你, 以後要攻擊也拿出證據, 以事論事.

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发表于 2012-10-27 19:31:34 | 显示全部楼层
我本來都不屑在這裡發言, 只是見你想討論怎樣可鼓勵大家多寫報告, 我才發表一下我的想法,
既然你連我少少意見也容納不了, 還以小人之心暗指我為車房馬甲, 那我從此封嘴便是了,祝你生意興隆!

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发表于 2012-10-27 20:13:52 | 显示全部楼层
bad idea for members like me who really hunt once in a blue moon.  Not that i don't contribute, but i really don't go, and when i do go, i usually stick with positive reviewed ones; and when i go adventure, i do report, but that is only about 30% of the time.

and honestly, when i do post, not looking for rewards, i just don't want bros to step on the same mine that i did, and hopefully this discourages keepers from writing bs on their ads.

i think the best way is to encourage sharing in the forum culture.  when someone posts a review, more members say thank you and show gratitude.  Fake or not, say more encouraging or nice things about the good/bad reviews we post.  We will prob never meet each other, but some how, generate a community where we can be bros without meeting (except for tunnel sharing).

my naive 2 cents.

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 楼主| 发表于 2012-10-27 20:14:00 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 Ben2009 于 2012-10-27 20:28 编辑

Chameleon. 本來我也不肯定, 心想會否是我自己多疑. 謝謝你幫我確定.

首先, 如果我不能容納異見, 早就刪了你. 不會跟你說道理.

我拿出來的論點, 你一點都沒法回應. 你不敢以事論事, 只會逃避真相, 歪曲事實.

什麼叫 "不屑在這裡發言"? 你用了兩個帳戶, 發過很多言啊! 在線時間合共超過200小時. 不過全都是沒依據之下的胡亂攻擊. 叵心可測!

真金不怕洪爐火. 你能用道理把我說服, 讓我知道錯怪了你, 我一定跟你say sorry. 否則, 我也不會ban你, 你喜歡留便留, 去便去.

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 楼主| 发表于 2012-10-27 20:27:57 | 显示全部楼层
eceug 发表于 2012-10-27 20:13
bad idea for members like me who really hunt once in a blue moon.  Not that i don't contribute, but  ...

Now this is good constructive opinion!

To set the example right now, THANK YOU!

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