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rant about realtor agents in toronto

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I don't know how many here are realtor agents and this is gonna piss you guys off. Feel free to disagree but back up your counter arguments with logic and evidence instead of just insults and name calling.

Now, sales people of all types have to bend the truth to earn a living. Some of them have an especially bad reputation, for example used car salesman. Out of the broad spectrum of salesmen (and women to avoid being sexist) realtor agents are generally seen as relatively decent folks. In recent years though, I noticed that they aren't any better than other types of sales.

Basically speaking, they will always try to persuade you that NOW is the best time to buy. Doesn't matter if the market is going up (most of the past decade), or down (crash of 2017), or fairly stagnant (currently). Nope, no matter where the market is, they always tell you to buy now.

If its going up? Well you better buy now or you'll be priced out.

If its going down? Well better buy now cause its going back up and you'll miss this once in a life time opportunity.

Stagnant? Damn its still the best time to buy now because there's less competing offers.

The funniest thing is, if you already own real estate property, they'll also argue that its also the best time to SELL.

Now you explain to me how it could simultaneously be the best time to both buy AND sell?

Market going up? Sell now to lock in your gain!

Market going down? Sell now or prices going to drop even more!

Market stagnant? Well they'll still come up with bullshit reasons why you still should sell.

Even now during Covid-19 outbreak, I still hear some realtor agents trying to convince people to buy or sell (preferably doing both with them as the agent so they can earn commissions on both ends).


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賣花賺花香 很正常。聽任何人說話前,先想想對方有沒有利益沖突 (conflict of interests)。

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发表于 2020-4-25 16:40:32 | 显示全部楼层
Real estate agents in Toronto are WAYYYYYYYY overpaid for the work they do.

With average homes in Toronto worth nearly a million dollars, the commission on a sale is $25000 for the buyer and seller agents, or $50000 if the same agent represents both sides.

And what do they do for all that money? Drive the client around and show him a few houses, recite information about the house and neighbourhood that can easily be searched online, and a couple hours worth of paperwork.

Basically the amount of effort that is needed to make a sale is equivalent to a couple day's worth of work for an average office worker. But they earn half of that offfice worker's annual salary for just those few days of work.

And when the market is hot, the houses practically sell themselves. Hardly any work needed apart from the basic paperwork.

That's why everyone and their mom all want to become agents. As of right now, there's almost 60000 real estate agents in Toronto!

I myself know roughly 15-20 agents in my immediate social circle (close frds and relatives), and if we expand that circle to include people I know indirectly (spouses of colleagues / frds of frds / etc), then that number is probably around 50-100.

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发表于 2020-6-19 14:29:47 | 显示全部楼层
Probably late in the discussion..I wouldn't make decision from agents. Consider other source like REIN

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发表于 2020-6-22 23:40:22 | 显示全部楼层
ethan 发表于 2020-6-20 03:29
Probably late in the discussion..I wouldn't make decision from agents. Consider other source like RE ...

Thanks, but do you know who is behind REIN? I mean, do they have any vested interests that would skew their recommendations?

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