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[London] Miss Molly @ AdultEA

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Review: Miss Molly @ AdultEA

Face:  4/9  looks like 30 mid. normal black face

Body:  4/9  the body type is curvey not small and fit (the website introduce). the height is around 155cm

Atitude:  2/9  when i finsihed shower, she return room 5 mins late. at the end of service, she told me 'fk out'.

Service:  1/9  i pick 30 mins and only have 15 mins. I paid 5 times normal tips to get 'full service'. Molly get cash and said 'full service' is only fk with condom.

damage: 295 for hh. At the begining she said it is 295 hr. After she said that 'full service' is only fking with condom; then, she said that it is 295 hh and she always repeat that girl make rule.

repeat: Never. the reason i pick adult rather than indenpendent is that i think indusrtey can control quality of service. However, it cannot. I havn't tried other girls but i know i won't.


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