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Notice regarding suspect reviews

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    As many of you may know, the main demographic that this AZN747 forum serves is the Toronto market. This is by no means any disrespect to everyone else in Montreal or other places. Its just that Toronto was where we first began, and till today is still the biggest market. For this reason, we have always been less strict in enforcing the forum rules in Non-Toronto sections of the website, as well as lessor efforts to combat fraud (spread of false information / shill or fake reviews).

   However, its seems that our forum traffic in the Montreal section has been steadily growing, at the same time we noticed the increase of reviews that looks suspect (possible shilling). For this reason, we will begin to pay more attention and put forth greater effort towards combating shills. This is not something we can do alone, so we ask that all bros help out by calling out the shills, and pointing out information you believe is fake.

    Based on our experience in Toronto, combating shills is a never ending war. Nor will there ever be 100% success rate. We apologize in advance to anyone whom we may (or will) mis-identify as shills. Any misjudgements made (either by us or other bros) are not personal, and is an unavoidable part of the effort to promote the greater good.

   As an example, reviews like this one may be deleted in the future. If you look at it, the "review" is extremely vague, with no specific details / information, and just generic compliments & praise. It is hard to tell if the writer is genuinely reviewing to help fellow bros, or promoting / shilling for the lady.

    All that was said is that service was "good", session was "great", and she is "cute/kind". Which tells us next to nothing. Everybody's definition of "good/great/cute" can vary dramatically. Girls of completely different looks & styles can be described as "good" or "cute". In order for reviews to be helpful, the information must be detailed and specific.

   Reviews should tell us things like, your estimate of her age, how realistic are the ad photos, describe her face and body in a way that someone who never seen her can formulate a mental picture, what kind of style / personality does she have, what was the service like (in details not just "good/bad/ok"), how was the location, and so on. The more detailed and specific information, the more useful the review is.

   Reviews must contain (as a bare minimum), detailed description on these 3 aspects: FACE, BODY, SERVICE.  It must contain specific info, not just "good/bad" or a numeric score. There must include an estimate of age, and opinion of how realistic the ad photos are. Further addition information/description would be better, but this is at bare minimum.

   While we all appreciate those who share, unfortunately reviews that are too short / lacking in detailed / contain nothing but vague generic compliments & praise may be deleted from now on.

    Thank you and please let me know your thoughts & opinions regarding this matter.

PS: If some talented bro who is proficient in both Chinese and English can help me translate this into a Chinese version, that would be much appreciated.  (I mean a good translation, not just feeding this into Google Translate which I could do myself.) Thanks again!


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Should I try to describe height and stuff for the girls too? How do we describe service? Or do we just want to include the flow, mechanics per say?

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