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I highly recommend as a source for information about the now named Covid-19 virus. This is the site for the South China Morning Post.

As of 2-20-20:
76,716 cases
2247 cases
18,438 recovered

There is still plenty of suffering but unlike the early  days the number of recovered continues to grow much faster than the number of deaths. In that sense perhaps a grim corner has already been turned. Masks and protective equipment are pouring into China from all over the world to help replenish their domestic supplies.

Indeed warmer weather may help. Progress is being made toward a vaccine that could be ready if there is a resurgence of cases in the Fall. For now quarantines and combinations of anti-HIV and anti-viral drugs may have the most efficacy.

Many of the early patients were too far along in the disease progression to be saved. Earlier detection and treatment appear to be reducing the mortality percentage. There is reason to have guarded optimism.

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