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DT to be impeached for real

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Not impeached based on Mueller report (too long 2 years lots of pages to read and useless since criminal charges are NOT useful for Sitting President).

Now the Mob Boss actions will indeed get him in BIG TROUBLE.

How can someone hold the fund approved by congress to Ukraine to buy weapons to defend itself from Russia to get some "dirt" from the foreign president , so called Quid Pro Quo, ie. you give me something and then I will give you some.  This is US money to be given to Ukraine without delay.

May Pence is involved too so both of them will be OUT and House speaker will become the president.

But do not expect the Democrats be easy on the China trade dispute, as they want to get jobs for Americans too whether it is possible or not.

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I am not too concerned about DT's impeachment.  My worry is that DT might be desperate enough to start WWIII to generate suppport/loyalty to the president in times of war which he couldn't care less!

That will be have unthinkable consequences!

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