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dragondick 发表于 2019-6-17 13:54
I never got the chance to watch the China Vs Spain game as the Channel reserved to WWCS was given to ...

Saw highlights of the game on Youtube.

Spain had MUCH more opportunities of scoring and beating China, but the Chinese goalie saved the day.  However, both teams advance because China had better goal differential than other border line teams and secured a consolation seat in the final 16-team knock out stage.

Usually either one of the consolation teams, e.g. China, would have to play against the team with the best Group result, in this case possibly USA.

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There will be interesting games in the next two days:

Canada Vs Netherland
USA Vs Sweden

Of course there is the game between Japan and England, but I don't think either team is championship material!

1.  The result will decide which teams will advance as leader of the Group play.
2.  Which team is "the real deal" (係蟲係蛇) should be evident after the game.


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Watched an interesting game today between Argentina and Scotland.

At one time, Scotland led by 3 – 0.  Argentina came back with two of its own, so 2 -3.  Then towards the dying minutes, Argentina was awarded a penalty kick which the Scottish goalie blocked, but was considered inappropriate and the penalty was ordered to be retaken.  This time, Argentina put the ball into the net  for a 3 – 3 draw.

I totally agree with Referee’s decision as the Scottish goalie move her feet in front of the goal line.  
Soccer rules stipulate that when a penalty kick is being taken, the goalie can only move the feet away from the goal line AFTER the penalty kicker has touched the ball.  However, all the soccer referees seem to have forgotten this basic rule.

Case in point was 1999’s WWCS final between USA and China.  USA was host country and it was held in LA, but China was the favourite to win the championship.  When the penalty kick was being taken, the US goalie moved forward by almost 5 yards, narrowing the gap, and therefore blocked the penalty kick.  The referee said nothing, most likely due to inexperience, and the goal was allowed.

From then on, all WWCS goalies violated this rule time and time again.  Finally, video review + 3 reviewers are introduced in 2019, and this time this basic rule was withheld.  Bravo!   

The following is 1999’s violation of this rule by US goalie in 1999 WWSC China Vs USA’s Penalty Kick:


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The following video is highlights of the game between Scotland and Argentina & of course the penalty kick: ... ling-end-to-group-d

Judge for yourself, why was 1999's penalty kick not retaken??

Throughout all these years every time there's WWCS, I always say, China was robbed of a World Championship!


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