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I used to play and follow golf.  When T Woods sustained injury and required surgery, I lost my interest in golf too.

TW has re-surfaced but has not regained his top form which was winning or in contention for all major events.  Anyway, the US MASTERS is this week-end.

The first round is being played right now.  There is live TV coverage for 4 days.  Of course, it is too early to tell who has a better chance or in contention.

Channel 30 in my area has live TC coverage right now, check TV Guide in your area.

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If you enjoy playing and watching the pros play golf, you better not miss the final two rounds on SAT and SUN, because there are at least 15 players in contention for the title, including TW - the main draw of golf in the modern era!

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Due to bad weather approaching, the final round the Master will tee off at 0930, live telecast will start at 0900.

After the third round, Francesco Molinari lead by 2 strokes, TW is closing-in in 2nd.  FM is the Open Champion of 2019 (?) while TW has won numerous Major titles.  This will be a close fight.

However, TW is more experienced and is particularly good in bad weather.

We will see!    

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One of the most entertaining golf telecast to watch.

Tiger won but not until the final 6 holes.

Francesco Molinari, the overnight leaders played well until nerves caught up with him and he double-bogied twice, lost the lead, then 6 players share the going into the final 6 holes.  Tiger, with his experience stayed composed, made birdie when others didn't, led the final 3 holes and won!

It was well worth waking up early this morning, first to watch the F-1 Chinese GP until 4 a.m., then Master started at 0900.  I spent 14 hours in front of TV.  

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