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private(私做) MM didn't answer phone

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Michelle @ "Private Do" - A Different Type of Review ... 8804&extra=page%3D1

Feeling itching, phoned and received a standard Rogers' message that "message box for the person you are calling has not been established".  Since my phone has caller I/D, I fully expected someone will return call.  Nobody did.

Tried again 2 hours later with the same result.

So, I suspect that the phone# advertised must be out-of-date, or the advertiser must have reported for work at a regular agency, and "private-do" is only a "side line" to supplement her income at the agency.

Bottom line:  I gave up and will wait for another day when I feel itchy again and in which case, this Michelle will not be on my TDL!   


Thank you for informing us.
However, independent MM not answering calls is hardly newsworthy.

She could be busy, or just taken the day off, or something else. Its no big deal.

To alleviate posts congestion, we have separate sections for posts of different topics.
The <多倫多 交流 (亚裔报告)> is the most congested section, and we have designated it for Asian MM review only.
If its not a review of an Asian MM in Toronto, please do not post it here.
If you did not actually see the MM, then it is not a review.

Moderator will now move this post to the proper section.
However, next time it may be deleted (we don't want to encourage people to post wherever they feel like and then leave it moderator to follow up).


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I tried to call Ginababy and messaged before she left

Tried 3 times

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DatPussyTho 发表于 2019-3-21 16:02
I tried to call Ginababy and messaged before she left

Tried 3 times

"rivate-do's" are not reliable.  "Sister Five" is better!  

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