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Went to see her when she was still new, so a while ago. I'm gonna keep it as short but as informative as possible.
Location: Downtown, if you want street parking, you better be there early to find one, if not just park in garage. The place was an okay, oldish condo.

Face: Above average. Very young and pretty. Her pics make it out like if she's late 20s, but being in the 20s myself, she is definitely on the younger side of the 20s. Pale skin of course. I would say she looks better than the pics just because they make her look older.

Body: Petite and slim with B cups. Firm and tight body, not the usual fluffy soft Asian type. Around 5'6" more or less. Great firm ass.

Service: You shower yourself. Then just make out on the bed, touching anywhere seems fine. DFK, this and that, pretty standard. BJ wasn't the best, didn't enjoy it too much, I have to be brutally honest, it's not bad, but needs work. The actual main course is a lot more enjoyable.

Attitude: Great attitude, lots to talk about and smiling all the time. She was making some joke and accidentally told me her real name. Very cute.

Ask away.


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service sounds so so and still fully booked

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sexyandcity 发表于 2018-11-9 08:33
service sounds so so and still fully booked

It is so-so, but she is young, kinda pretty, fit and tight.

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