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Raptors 2018-2019

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Raptors lost to Timberwolves just before meeting Bucks. Timberwolves, the worse team in NBA
Last night Raptors defeat Bucks without Lowry happening in middle of 3rd Quarter. Raptors showing calm & pro in 4th Qtr. without Lowry.
IMO Raptors should let go Lowry. But need to find someone backup VanVleet before do so.

Lowry is aging. He played over-hard & should says rush. Reasons being he demonstrating he stills have certain PRICE/VALUE in NBA. That killed the possible winning momentum. Which will ruin Nurse ( & management) perspectives in Raptors.

Lowry is a good player but, just aging ..... that's it.

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Since my post #42 (3 days ago) Raptors beat Bucks again and Timberwolves without Lowry.
VanVleet lead the strikes but showing fatigue in Timberwolves game.

To move on Raptors needs trade Lowry & insert backup to VanVleet immediately.

In Bucks game Nurse had emergency solution for Centre post that Siakam & Anonoby played #4 & #5 . Bembry promoted as starter to replace Lowry. Coach decision done well this game.  

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