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Donald Trump and His Presidency

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dragondick 发表于 2018-11-3 03:10
India is a BAGGAGE, not an asset, teaming up with India will be a disaster!

It is better to maint ...

Heard way back China did not go into India,. Because do not want to feed Indian when we cannot feed own Chinese.

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lol But china is feeding Pakistani  another Indians  . I Think India was a better option then Pakistan

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justin222 发表于 2018-11-4 18:40
lol But china is feeding Pakistani  another Indians  . I Think India was a better option then Pakist ...

Pakistan is used to keep India in check.  Just imagine if Pakistan is not used to keep India on its toes, India will create more Sino-India border disputes than we know.

India always thinks that it should be the world's third strongest power which will not happen in the (at least) next 50 years. Just imagine when India was ruled by the British as a colony, it was one vast country; after WWII, the British left, the country broke up into India, Bangladesh (East Pakistan), Pakistan, Sri Lanka (Ceylon).  If a country cannot unite/tolerate and be one entity, that country can never be a power.

Even India today is very much divided internally, there is still NO ONE unified language with several religious groups, over crowded public transportation systems. people still bath, drink, shit/pooh, and bury in that famous Hindu (check spelling) River.

On top of all that, India does NOT even manufacture any of the modern military hardware.  All hardwares are out-sourced to form a "cocktail" military.  A country without self-standing military coverage can NEVER be a power on the world stage.

Pakistan, has a very important role to play in addition to what I mentioned above.  China does not produce enough oil and must rely on imports from all over the world but mainly from Iran, shipped via a long sea route and through the Strait of Mallaca (check spelling) with Singapore (USA has a military base on it) having a choke hold on this route.  In time of war, this is not a safe solution.

China has teamed up with Pakistan to build a sea port + railway route to transport oil from Middle East to China.

That is why Pakistan is very important to China and vice versa.


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For Brother Justin222,

Please start a new topic if you wish to discuss India.  

As USA is having midterm election tomorrow, I wish to keep this topic clean with no deviations/distractions.  The midterm will determine DT's fate and what direction USA is heading.

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 楼主| 发表于 2018-11-6 05:01:06 | 显示全部楼层
Today is an important day, it is USA's midterm polling day.  We will know by mid evening (to include West Coast's vote counts) whether Democrats can regain control of the Congress which is very likely right now, and put a damper on DT's arrogant/abusive/mis-informed/divisive/childish presidency filled with lies and false claims.

Gaining control of the Senate, is "iffy" for the democrates; not impossible but everything must work in its favour.

Just imagine when democracy can create a disaster like DT in USA, what will it do to developing countries when US has been trying to export democracy to various parts of the world!  


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Watched midterm election results until late at night.

Anyway, Democrats took control of the Congress, while Republicans  (DT) increased control of the Senate.

1.  This truly proves that USA's voters are divided.  The "Free World" would not know what/who to follow.

2.  DT still has "political charisma" among Americans.

3.  While any DT's serious mis-step might induce impeachment which could pass the Congress, but will not get Senate's OK, similar to Bill Clinton's case.

4.  The new Speaker of the House is that "witchy and bitchy" Nancy Pelosi who was the ex-House-Speaker but got dethroned when DT came to power.  Pelosi was and will be a real pain in the butt for DT and for anyone paying attention to US politics.

5.  With Democrats controlling the House, DT cannot bulldoze his way in the Congress, but will still bluff his way in international politics. However, the World now knows DT has no more teeth when he threatens with military action.

All eyes are now on Special Prosecutor's report/findings of the Russian probe which will come out soon and will lead to DT's tax frauds/evasions.

Stay tuned!

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Stormy Daniels Details Her Encounter with DT:

Very entertaining interview in a mid-night talk show program!      


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