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N Korea is repeating China experience 40 years ago ?

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History kind of repeating itself.

China had nuclear weapons 1967, Nixon visited China 1972 arranged by Kissinger, impeached (rather resigned) before his second term is ended, a Anti Communist REPUBLICAN.

N Korea had nuclear weapons around 2017, Meet with Trump 2018 arranged by his new secretary of state, a HAWK,  investigated by Ex FBI director, could be impeached by if a Democratic house happens, a PRO Communist DEMOCRAT turned "Republican".  More interested in financial gains from his real estate interests, may be a Nobel Peace Prize and Trump N Korean tower and golf club is at stake.

Will know in the near future in this political event.

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After watching the CNN show on N Korea, looks like this Kim guy may have some smarts though young and BRUTAL.  (Killing senior staff leaning to CHINA last few years to solidify his power).

1. Capital is built up like US, population 3 MM, privileged and loyal to him.  Rest of country is poor like a church mouse.
2. His Nuclear strategy is similar to China 40 years ago with the help of a Nuclear scientist from Pakistan.
3. Actually tried to raise the standard of living for citizen which may help him to retain power.  But no money because of US and even China sanctions.  Not going to keep any loyalty if no goodies going towards his Senior staff.  So any money or uplifting from US and other countries is going to help him and his regime.  Education from Switzerland DOES help.  Saw the world with all the goodies.  He does not even have a plane to fly him, but then HK administrator does not have one either.  Fact that China loaned him the plane showed US that Kim is hopefully a China protege.  

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Politics is politics.  Make peace with enemy and treat your friends (Canada) as enemy, haha.

Apparently the N Korea peace proposal was initiated by Kim early this year, even during all those verbal abuse used by BOTH sides.

China diplomacy started with Ping Pong.  N Korea with Basketball.  Credit should go to Dennis Rodman with his persistence over the last few years.

Remember only "ANTI communist" can work a peace with Communist.  Just like no one BUT Nixon could do it with China from US Congress uproar.  Even if Clinton or Obama wanted to, no can do.

Credit may also be due to the Maximum pressure applied to N Korea, even with China help too.  Also Kim managed to show the world that his scientists could deliver a successful nuclear weapon, both the deadly power and missile to deliver.  Of course all the way to US is very doubtful and probably no more money is there for Kim to spend from the sanctions.  Imagine what Kim could do with the weapons other than on S Korea or Japan.  Kim achieved his goal.  In addition  to the extreme sanction, Trump crazy personality also worries Kim.  One never know if Trump wants to press the nuclear button.

God help those who helped themselves.  Case in point, first China, then now N Korea.  One has to deal from position of strength, not weakness.

Looks like Kim is the one started the peace talk.  So the olive branch was accepted by Trump.  Nobel prize within his eye sight.

If the denuclearize Korea Peninsula  is achieved, money will be saved and S Koreans will feel safe, same with Japan when nuclear weapon was used on Japanese to end the World War two.

Expect to see a rally on the market TODAY.

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 楼主| 发表于 2018-7-2 07:43:13 | 显示全部楼层
looks like TRUMP is in big trouble with his EX lawyer Cohen.  Cohen is saying his loyalty is FIRST to Family and Country,  NOT TRUMP.

Chances of Trump being the next Nixon is getting more possible.

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