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[Edmonton] Jun @ WonderBeauty

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Feeling horny and check 2 shops,tried to book haru but was busy,then keeper hard selling jun,
Well lets give her a try.door open and saw this pretty girl,better looking than her pics.skinny with big tits,sexy cute
lips,but what suprised me isnt her look ,its her service.after sf2 she told me to go back to the washroom doorway,i thought i forgot something in there ,but she just kneel down and gave me a long deep wet bj,there are mirror on both side,wow that is nice.onto the bed she started cat bath ,and another good bj,i ask if she do cim,she said ok then i asked blow me finnish then try to help make a second shot after(i m an old man dont think i can do that)shoot a big load in her mouth and she wouldnt let go until the last drop.not bad massage after and asked me if i m rdy for second round .
Then here we go ..she tried so hard ,bj,pussy slide and at one time i thought i was in her bared,which it wasnt.she tried and tried and finallym my liitle bro got up and enter her with dom on.this second shot was the high lite of my life,last long (i usually only last 2 mins,dont laugh!)3,4 position and she was moaning some koreanand time is almost up and i m still pounding.i felt young again.after shoot out 2nd load she wouldnt let go again ,leg wrap around me and like 5 mins .sf2 again and she still wanna chat a bit and she evn offered me a beer and we shared the beer and smoke together in the washroom .ask her if she gonna come back edmonton again and she said every girl is busy there except her because her pic isnt that good looking ,she said she ll come back only if she can make good money here(thats why i write this report)hope some hunters here will give her a try.she live in toronto but work in other province.overall its 1 of the best meal i ever had ,only catherine is better.
Damage is 210 for 1 hr +50cim+80 2nd shot .i even tip her 100 for her birthday.she worth every penny i spent.


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WonderBeauty 网站有吗?找不到了

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