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Key to stay warm when being outside long hours while walking/working/camping in Canada or cold countries:

Head: Wool hat, or at least ear muff (keep your brain function is utmost important)

Feet: Anti Snow, Water proof shoe, long socks (feet regulate your body temperature the most, also your main mobility device... keep dry and warm at all time when outside.... In siberia's prisons back in the days, prisoners must secured a pair of shoe before planning to escape in the snow... the difference was life and death if their feet got too cold)

Neck: Medium to thick scarf... Air way organ to the lungs is the 3rd important organ in cold weather... without rigorous activities, normal body heat won't be able to heat up the air that goes in the lungs, lead to quicker heat loss = too much energy drain = weak immune system = throat infections or flu (since throat is one of the most directly exposed body parts with cold air)....

Body: One heat retaining layer and one wind breaker/water resist/snow resist layer clothings. Desired effect can be achieve with two separate shirt + sport jacket  or simply a double layer winter jacket with good insulation material between layers.  

Legs: Same idea with body.... but wind/snow/water resistant layer is more important that heat layer....

Always make sure to stay dry....  clothing exposed to water/snow-melt = bad news if you don't have a place to return to shortly after....

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so sick of this weather

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qkk 发表于 2019-3-10 21:52

Ya I remember
Got stuck in my house for couple of days

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