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Visiting Mississauga area and decided to book Haru, since I was in the mood for big milk.

Haru checks all the boxes for me because my fetishes are:
short girls
big natural boobs
small face
likes DFK and initiates it

Got to the location, simple easy paid parking nearby, but I never pay. Staying only 30 minutes, most likely to not get a ticket. I never got one even once. Downtown is different story, but Mississauga is a slight bonus for this.

Get buzzer and go upstairs
Behind the door I was actually surprised, and I can confirm that it's definitely Haru in the pics, but they definitely photoshopped her stomach a bit to make her look trim.

She has baby fat but her face really is quite cute, I'm not sure why another bro gave her very low marks for face/body. She was MCOT but once again I am gwailo and not very harsh, not a facefucker.

My rating:

F - 7
B - 7 (I gave +1 for big natural boobs, and they are for sure natural. A little bit saggy but I really enjoy her size, she is a little heavier than spinner but height wise she is about 5'1/5'2. she has a little baby fat around the stomach, and if this bothers you, look elsewhere. I am fine with a little baby fat and in her case, because she is probably about 120lb, her tummy has some fat but it gives her ass some more meat to hold on to)
S - 8 (she offers shower rimming, and rimming on the bed. I don't do rim so I declined, but her service is for sure good). Her BBBJ was great, lots of attention to it and she was willing for CIM as well. Really good service girl, for sure.
A - 9 smiling, laughing, bubbly. Real japanese girl. She was yelling "segoi!" and "kimochi" during sex, I found this to be authentic and a big turn on! She is very easy going, makes u comfortable. Good experience overall.

Spent 30 mins, no rush or clock watching. I wouldn't be surprised if they move her to NY soon.

See Haru if:
- you have a boob fetish (I do, but it has to be natural)
- you like good service
- you like some authentic JAV moaning
- like shorter girls

Don't see Haru if:
- you are a face fucker, but I must stress that I found her face rather cute and much better than many MM's on the market
- you want a slim, trim, or fit girl
- you want a tall / model / super model look - she is the opposite. short, bubbly, GND with big boobs

Repeat? No, just because there are so many MM's on the market right now and I am curious.

Happy hunting bros.


In Mississauga and booked Ashley after Haru.

Looks wise, Ashley is like the opposite of Haru.

Very tall, very thin, fake boobs, and a bit more colder girl. Not GND/bubbly type, more like service type.

New location in Mississauga too, first time visiting there. The building has visitor parking out front. No security, easy to access. All very easy experience.

Go upstairs and see a very tall girl behind the door.

I am about 175 cm and she is almost eye level with me.

Long straight hair, face is nice, not sure if it is manmade but definitely a decent catch. I noticed her boobs were really big and poking out of the dress. They don't feel very good, and look very fake. She's very skinny so the big bulbous boobs (and they are somewhat hard to the touch) are not my type. Some bros like this look though. I would say ASB description is about right, car model style look to her. But when she is naked, she has that ridiculous balloon pornstar boobs look, NMCOT.

To shower and got BBBJ there, her BBBJ is great. She is a tall girl, with big hands and feet. Her big hands washing my JJ almost feels like a boy being washed by a mother. We are almost the same height. her BBBJ was amazing technique, definitely thought my JJ was smaller looking once her hands were grabbing it though. Haru and other petite girls are good for this visual affect, when they grab your JJ, it looks bigger because their hands are small.

This is a much bigger girl but she is in great shape. Ass has some nice meat to hold on to in cowgirl.

Dried me off geisha style and gave me more BBBJ in the bed, then cowgirl, mish, and exploded while DFK. Great orgasm. She was using her hands to gently rub and tickle my back during missionary. She was totally involved in servicing me, but it doesn't feel like a natural GFE. Haru feels like GFE. This girl feels like a really good massage parlor girl. "Relax, honey" and follows her routine. Lots of body licking.

Overall I found her to be a great meal.

F - 7.8, was MCOT but it was very dark so hard to see any imperfections
B - 7, -1 for really big fake boobs. She looks great in clothing but her boobs dont look very good with clothes off. Moonwaiting, ASB, and other garages need to start finding more natural girls, I can't stress the importance of natural body for most wolves.
S - 9, couldn't really complain, great service, did everything I asked, and when she noticed I liked something, she kept doing it until I came
A - 7, -1 because cold/mechanical/massage parlour feeling. I like when the girl's attitude tricks me into thinking I am seeing my GF or a really horny girl I just took home from the club. This girl was all business

Repeat? No, but only because there are too many meals to be eaten.

Enjoy hunting wolf bros.

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发表于 2018-3-13 14:40:58 | 显示全部楼层
Holy another G cup!!!
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发表于 2018-3-13 14:50:41 | 显示全部楼层
so sad that she is in Mississauga
btw, are't they available for Asian gentleman only?
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发表于 2018-3-13 14:52:03 | 显示全部楼层
I’ve seen the security checking for the paid parking. I don’t think its wise to risk paying $20 when it is just $5 on weekends and I think? Cheaper on weekdays.
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 楼主| 发表于 2018-3-13 14:53:07 | 显示全部楼层
I would not say is G cup, it's more like DD. Looks bigger because she is a small-framed girl. G cup is more like Yoonah (cherry before @ MW)
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发表于 2018-3-13 14:57:47 | 显示全部楼层
I like big fake boobs
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 楼主| 发表于 2018-3-13 14:59:32 | 显示全部楼层

WhiteMamba, I was thinking of you. U will like her and her feet. Go try
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发表于 2018-3-13 19:27:27 | 显示全部楼层
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发表于 2018-3-13 21:04:40 | 显示全部楼层
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