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2018's Russian F-1 GP qualifying result are in.

Bottas, Hamilton, Vettel, Kimi.

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There may not be a live telecast of the event as I cant find it listed, may be as long as it is Russian in any shape or form, it will be boycotted by US networks!  

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There was actually live telecast, Channel 494 in my area.  Unfortunately, there was a power outage from beginning of the race to almost the end of the race.

Anyway, it was Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel.

Bottas led from the start, but was under Team order to let Hamilton pass to ensure MB wins both the 2018 Constructors and Drivers Championship.

Ordering Bottas to let Hamilton pass was not necessary, in my view, because Hamilton was already assured of the Championship by finishing ahead of Vettel while both Team cars finished ahead of everybody else, also assured the Team of the Championship.

I felt sorry for Bottas who drove very well this year!

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2018's F-1 Japanese GP is this coming Sunday!

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A really good race driver usually excels in the rain, even with a less powerful car, e.g. Aryton Senna.  These days, Hamilton inherited the vacant crown.

In 2018's Japanese F1 GP Qualifying, Hamilton secured the pole, followed by Bottas and Max.  Vettel managed only 9th, even behind Kimmi - his current team mate!

As I said a few posts ago, unless Hamilton DNF for the balance of the year and Vettel wins all, the year is already finished with Hamilton winning another championship.

To be fair to Bottas who played the part of a loyal team-mate for Hamilton to secure the 2018 Championship while leading the Russian GP, Hamiton should let Bottas pass (without being too obvious) in one of the remaining races and win, as a pay back.

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Just finished watching the 2018 F-1 Japanese Grand Prix which started at 0100 Toronto time!

Hamilton won quite comfortably.

Incidents worth mentioning involved two of the dirty F-1 drivers today -  Vettel and Max.

According to race reporters, Vettel made a mistake in one of the corners during the official qualifying, and therefore managed only 9th on the starting grid.

At the start of the Race, Vettel drove quite well and within a few laps, he was already behind Max who was in 3rd.  While under pressure from Vettel, Max made a mistake and went off a corner with 4 wheels, rejoined the race and touched Vettel.  Max was given a 5" penalty.  I would have ordered Max to let Vettel pass as a penalty and if Max refused to follow in 2 laps, then I will enforce a 5" penalty.

Anyway, with the 5" penalty, Vettel was assured of finishing ahead of Max in the next pit stop if not in the race, but Vettel chose to attempt another overtake, touched with Max and dropped to last spot.

Vettel raced back to 5th, but his chance of winning the Drivers' Championship went to zero as a result.

There was no need for Vettel to attempt this overtake, that was a mental mistake.  Max was lucky that he was not giving a 2nd penalty by the Stewards, from my perspective, he was blocking Vettel, though not too obvious.

Anyway, it was Hamilton, Bottas, Max, Kimmi, and Vettel in that finishing order.

(I must go to sleep now!)

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For all F-1 followers, there is a taped version ofthe 2018 F-1 Japanese GP at 0800.

Check you local listings.

After watching, please comment on the incidents involving the 2 dirtiest drivers.


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After watching the 2018 F-1 Japanese GP live, from 0100 to 0300, I don't think I want to do this again as my biological was turned upside down, I managed to sleep only two hours, and I felt so tired the whole day.

Luckily, I don't have to do this anymore as the balance of 2018's race calendar will start at reasonable Toronto times, they are USA GP (2 weeks from now), Mexican GP (1 week after that), Brazillian GP, and finally Abu Dhabi to close the season.

MB and Hamilton basically have secured the Constructors' and Drivers' Championship, and can let the 2 MB drivers drive without Team orders, but IMHO, Hamilton owes Bottas a win.


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Honestly, I am tired of this season. Can't wait until next season and Ricciardo at Renault.

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