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按照官网说法:医疗整体中心(holistic centre)提供任何以治疗和健康为目的的物理疗法。(不能有按摩或者中医针灸服务)

身体按摩店(boddy-rub parlours),提供用身体接触揉捏,推拿,按摩等非医疗性服务。






这个图表是由City News制作的,根据以下方法进行分类:
  • 对照市政府的牌照信息,查看对比这些按摩店的网络广告推销哪些服务。
  • 查看按摩店的官方网站
  • 在各论坛上,查阅客户的反馈留言,以此确认都提供了哪类服务。
  • 查看按摩店的社交媒体账号




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 楼主| 发表于 2017-10-28 14:21:11 | 显示全部楼层 ... al-services-report/

25 per cent of Toronto holistic centres offer sexual services: report
POSTED OCT 26, 2017 12:29 PM EDT
One in four licensed holistic centres in Toronto are offering unauthorized sexual services, according to a recent auditor general’s report.
As of December 2016 there were 410 licensed holistic centres in the city and the new report reviewing the Municipal Licensing and Services Standard’s (MLS) Division’s management of these business licenses says 107 had the “appearance of offering unauthorized services such as erotic massages and other services.”
The report says these services “could potentially pose an array of health, safety and community issues, including the risk of human trafficking.” The report also highlights the fact that the existing by-law provisions aren’t meeting expectations.
EXCLUSIVE MAPLEGENDGreen: licensed body rub parloursBlue: licensed holistic centres which appear to be performing only authorized servicesPurple: licensed holistic centres which appear to be offering sexual and unauthorized services.
CityNews made these classifications by:
  • Cross referencing licence addresses (as listed on the City of Toronto’s licence database) and names with online advertisements that promote these activities
  • Searching their own websites
  • At times, using forum reviews of establishments and attendants to confirm the nature of the work being performed on site
  • Searching their organization’s social media accounts

In a December 2013 meeting, city council asked for a report to be completed, addressing “the human trafficking on a strategy to more vigorously prosecute charges related to municipal by-law infractions by the adult entertainment, body-rub, and holistic licence classes.” A report was never provided.
Coun. Justin Di Ciano for Ward 5 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), where many of the addresses for these shops are located, admits more needs to be done when it comes to regulating these shops.
“The by-laws don’t work,” he told Citynews.
He said he plans to propose a motion that would expand body-rub parlour licenses in an effort to drive out illegal erotic spas.
The City of Toronto does allow licensed body-rub parlours to operate in the city and currently, there are 25 of those locations.
Body-rub parlours must meet strict health and safety requirements in order to be licensed.
“For example, body-rubbers must undergo a medical examination, and a licensed body-rub parlour can only be located in a certain zone away from residential zones, schools or places of worship,” says the report.
Holistic centres and practitioners on the other hand are not required to meet the same requirements.
Holistic services are defined as “any modality used as a tool for therapeutic and wellness purposes.”
In a 2014 presentation about holistic centres, the MLS indicated that “the majority of the individuals who were issued a holistic centre and, or a holistic practitioner’s licence by the city, are offering body rub services.”
CityNews reached out to police to ask if they’ve cracked down on any of the illegal establishments and to ask about whether or not they’re aware about the possibility of human trafficking happening in these storefronts.
“In our experience, human trafficking can happen anywhere, at any time,” police said in a written statement.
“Our priority is the identification and intervention of anyone who is being forced to provide sexual services through violence and intimidation, regardless of where it takes place. We are aware of the concerns that are raised when it comes to the potential for human trafficking through holistic centres, bawdy houses, massage parlours, adult entertainment establishments, etc. We have, and will continue, to target locations of concern through enforcement initiatives.”
  • 25: the number of body-rub parlour licences
  • 410: licensed holistic centres
  • 107: holistic centres potentially offering unauthorized services
  • $13,102: body-rub parlour licence fee
  • $12,660: yearly licence renewal cost
  • $270: holistic centre licence fee
  • $148: yearly holistic licence renewal fee
  • 2,294: licensed holistic practitioners
  • 37: City-approved Professional Holistic Associations
  • 1: holistic practitioner/centre licence revoked in past 5 1/2 years

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 楼主| 发表于 2017-10-28 14:22:56 | 显示全部楼层 ... es-report-1.4375937

1 in 4 Toronto 'holistic centres' offer erotic massages, auditor general says
Toronto permits 25 body rub parlours but has no cap for holistic centres

A new report from Toronto's auditor general has found that more than a quarter of the city's licensed holistic centres appear to be offering unauthorized services that may be sexual in nature.
The report examined the 410 licensed holistic centres operating in the city and found that 107 of them appeared to advertise erotic massages and "other services" that may violate city bylaws.
Some of the centres also used sexually explicit photographs and included suggestive descriptions about services on their web sites.
"Aside from potentially being a violation to the city's licensing and zoning bylaws, holistic centres offering unauthorized services could potentially pose an array of health, safety and community issues, including the risk of human trafficking," wrote Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler.
According to the report, only 37 holistic centres were charged with bylaw violations between 2015 and 2016, and all of them continue to operate under a holistic licence.
In the wake of the findings, Romeo-Beehler is recommending that city council approve a reassessment of the bylaws covering holistic centres, professional holistic associations and body rub parlours.

Centres approved by professional associations
Under Toronto's bylaws, holistic centres are to be not-for-profit organizations that administer services including natural medicine, reflexology, reiki and shiatsu.
The practitioners must be licensed and the centres must also be members of an accredited professional holistic association (PHA) to receive a city licence.
However, the report found problems with several of the 10 most popular PHAs in Toronto, some of which appear to operate "on paper only."
Two of the PHAs were found to be using dubious addresses, including an abandoned building and cottage. The operators of three others were previously convicted of operating unlicensed body rub parlours.
Coun. Jim Karygiannis sat in on Friday's audit committee meeting and said he wasn't surprised by the findings in the report.
"According to the police department, I do have a lot of rub-and-tugs, if I can put it that way," he said. "They're very open about it. They're even advertising. It's something we have to deal with very quickly."
Holistic centres vs. body rub parlours
Since the 1970s, Toronto has licensed a maximum of 25 body rub parlours, which are permitted to offer non-medical and non-therapeutic services including "kneading, manipulation, rubbing, massaging, touching or stimulating a person's body."

Tracey Cook, executive director of Municipal Licensing and Standards, says the city should 'revisit the entire regime' around holistic centres and body rub parlours. (CBC)

Toronto's municipal licensing and standards director Tracey Cook said it appears the demand for those types of services exceeds the number of body rub parlours permitted by the city, and that people are using holistic licences to fill the gap.
"People who saw an opportunity to exploit something, exploited it," she said.
The licence to operate a body rub parlour costs $13,102 with a $12,660 annual renewal cost. A holistic licence costs just $270 and $148 to renew, and the city has no cap on the total number of centres.
"It's a very complicated body of work that we need to do," she added. "There was an interest in something that we've put a cap on."
The recommendation to reassess the bylaws was adopted by the audit committee Friday, but still needs to be approved by city council to proceed.

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 楼主| 发表于 2017-10-28 14:27:32 | 显示全部楼层 ... -parlours-1.3440958

City struggles to crack down on illegal erotic massage parlours
The parlours are 'proliferating,' city officials say. But new prostitution laws have made enforcement harder

The city also cites the Greenhill area parlour as one it suspects — but can't prove — is doing unlicensed erotic massages. Such spas are proliferating, but since 2014, it's harder for city bylaw officers to find the parlours, it's harder to lay charges once they do.
"The landscape of how (police) enforce today has completely changed," said Coun. Chad Collins, whose Ward 5 includes the area where the parlour is located.
"I don't know if they'd use these words, but their hands are tied."
Before 2014, city bylaw officials say, they would team up with Hamilton police officers who went into parlours undercover to catch culprits in illegal activity. Bylaw officers would also comb through the back pages of local publications to find places to investigate.
The new law, Bill C-36, has changed all that. Now it's illegal to advertise sex services, said Jim Gordon, a Hamilton bylaw enforcement officer. The legal focus has shifted to nabbing people who buy sex. And Hamilton police are primarily only interested in unlicensed parlours when there's a human trafficking issue.
The city isn't about to send bylaw enforcement officers into parlours undercover, Collins said. So its options are limited.
Police are 'victim focused'
Hamilton Police wouldn't answer exactly how Bill C-36 has changed their approach to erotic massage parlours. But in an email response, Supt. Dan Kinsella reiterated that investigators are interested in human trafficking cases, and that they want people to report it whether a parlour is licensed or not.
"The service is victim-focused and committed to the protection and prevention of trafficked women and girls," he said.
[size=1.429em]I just do regular body massage.'- Greenhill area wellness centre owner
"The vice & drugs human trafficking unit is specifically mandated to assist victims and to investigate incidents of human trafficking. To those who may find themselves caught up in situations, we want them to know that they can reach out at any time to Hamilton Police."
Collins has asked for a city report on the problem.
Hamilton isn't the only city grappling with how to crack down on unlicensed parlours. It's an issue in many Ontario cities. With Bill C-36, the industry has "gone underground," said Orest Katolyk, London's chief municipal law enforcement officer.
His office shut down a spa in December that was located next to a Christian reading room. As for how they're finding such places post-Bill C-36, "we don't disclose that publicly," he said.
Only 2 are licensed, and the city cranked up the fees
Then again, Gordon said, it can be hard to find them. The parlours are transient and identify themselves as holistic wellness centres. To find them, the city relies on neighbourhood complaints or second-hand information from parlour clients.
Lately, the city's enforcement focus has shifted to landlords. The city can go to court to take control of property where illegal activity is happening, Gordon said. City officials have sent letters to landlords informing them of that fact.
Gordon said he knows of "eight to 10" unlicensed body rub parlours in Hamilton right now. But the internet shows many more.
Websites such as list the Greenhill clinic and dozens of others in Hamilton, Burlington and Grimsby. That includes Garden of Eden and King Sherman, Hamilton's only two licensed adult body rub parlours.
[size=1.429em]'I still don't think it's a legitimate massage parlour.'- Frank Westaway, resident and former bylaw officer
In 2013, the city cranked up the annual licensing fees for managers at Garden of Eden and King Sherman, from $307 to $1,235 per year.
That money is supposed to be used to help crack down on unlicensed places, said Barbara Beaver, manager of King Sherman Sauna. But she has no idea if it actually is.
Owner denies the unlicensed activity
"I can't comment on that. I've never seen one," she said of unlicensed places. "I only know what the city tells me."
CBC contacted a woman who said she was the owner of the Greenhill area parlour. She disputes that her business is doing anything wrong.
"I'm just regular massage," she told CBC Hamilton. "I just do regular body massage."
Neighbours describe a parlour that's open until the wee hours, with clients who go to the back door for privacy and hit a buzzer for admittance.
The woman disputes that, saying she's open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and "I use the back door. Customers don't use the back door."
'We've seen people take boxes of condoms in'
Frank Westaway, who worked in bylaw enforcement in Hamilton until 2000, owns a noise consulting firm in the neighbourhood. He's also a long-time resident.
"I still don't think that it's a legitimate massage parlour," he said.
"We've seen people take boxes of condoms in. We've seen people walk in nicely dressed and come out with their clothes undone."
Greenhill is largely a residential neighbourhood with apartment buildings and single-family homes — with "a lot of kids," he said.
"It's not needed in this area."

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i''ll keep vote for liberals.
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