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[Columbia] 'Sex Island' holiday offers shocking 'drug-friendly' getaway featu...

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The world’s most salacious vacation is welcoming prospective Johns for US$5,000.
Good Girls is promoting a controversial four-day trip to “sex island” near Cartagena, Colombia that includes “unlimited amounts” of love throughout the depraved trip, according to the company's website.
While prostitution is legal in the South American nation, pimping is illegal.
The law also prohibits the promotion of sex tourism. It's unknown if Good Girls is breaking any laws.
Nonetheless, Good Girls Sex Resort appears to be pushing ahead with the exclusive, x-rated fantasy trip – the details of which are jaw-dropping.
Thirty guests are promised daily “sexual surprises” from 60 available women aboard a luxury yacht.
Promoters also refer to the outrageous getaway as a “drug-friendly environment,” full of girls ready to make guests “feel like a king.”
“If you have any special desires or fantasies inform the host or the girls and they will make sure to fulfill them,” the Good Girls website reads.
The U.K.'s Independent reported Friday that YouTube had pulled Good Girls' video advertising the holiday.
Commenters have questioned the veracity of the so-called trip, which apparently sets sail from Cartagena on Nov. 24.
Others have suggested an investigation into the legality of the process.
"Investigate them for sexual slavery if any of the women were forced/coerced. One never knows," a reader posted to the Daily Mail.
Another added: "I need to find out where this terrible place is, so I know to avoid it."
Others have called the company promoting the getaway as "sick" and "vile."


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