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Why is "one belt , one road" important to China?

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News mentioned that part of reason that is NOT related to Politics with one belt one road has to do with Chinese overproduction of commodities as well as job creation for construction work overseas.

Now half of world production of critical heavy industries materials are from China:
Steel , cement, glass as well as the expertise from Chinese infrastructure development.

In order to absorb these over production (by the way, not good for Chinese air cleanliness) output, the ports, rails, bridges will use up those material and expertise personnel.

The political benefit also benefit China to win friends and gain more market share for MADE IN CHINA products.  WIN WIN WIN,  for foreign country, China , and all people involved in those countries.

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China may regret spending/wasting all that money down the road. They are spending to build infrastructure for others while there are still many impoverished regions in China that could have benefited instead.

China is trying to buy friends but its obvious that money cannot buy real friendship.
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