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North Korea problem

发表于 2017-5-14 07:05:09 | 显示全部楼层
dragondick 发表于 2017-5-14 06:41
Fat Boy has signed his own death warrant if not sealed his fate, by testing another missile yesterda ...

Drone to the rescue.

Shoot the Fat boys car or cars in one shot or shots.

Bye bye, Hasta la vista  FAT BOY and his body guards.
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发表于 2017-5-14 08:51:03 | 显示全部楼层
Killing Fat Boy is NOT enough, must knock off the missile sites too because we don't know whether Fat Boy's generals are more dangerous because one missile with a nuclear warhead can create a lot of casualties!

To preserve N Korea as a buffer, China would have to do it.  However, that would not reflect nicely on China's world-wide image.  

USA will be happy to do it, because USA has a bully image already, one more won't hurt.  An unified Korea will also strengthen US' containment of China.

Watch out for Japan, the petty thief in Asia!

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发表于 2017-5-14 21:57:37 | 显示全部楼层
dragondick 发表于 2017-5-14 08:51
Killing Fat Boy is NOT enough, must knock off the missile sites too because we don't know whether Fa ...

Despite America's overwhelming military dominance, the odds of a surgical strike to take out the top leadership succeeding is extremely low. Even in the flat desert with nowhere to hide, the US couldn't take out Saddam Hussein. N Korea is mountainous with much more places to hide.
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发表于 2017-5-15 14:54:38 | 显示全部楼层 ... -missile/index.html

Russian urged the West's (read as USA) intimation of North Korea should stop.

For once, I totally agree with Putin.

A.  Who gave USA's the right to decide which country can or cannot have nuclear weapons and how many?

B.  Countries who listened to USA by dumping their nuclear or chemical weapons stockpile got invaded by USA, e.g. Iraq, Libya by USA-inspired democratic movements.

Having said that, Fat Boy is "dangerous", he will use nuclear weapon as a blackmail tool and probably cause a nuclear war when (not if) he miscalculates and must be removed.  

China can play dumb by keeping quiet but cut off food and energy supplies to North Korea, and Fat Boy will come begging.
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发表于 7 天前 | 显示全部楼层
Let China forget about the BUFFER ZONE.  Do not forget S. Korea Park was standing next to xi other than Putin during the military parade .
We could be allies too with friendly leadership.

Fat boy is nothing but trouble and tyrant to his N. Korean people.  They should be "liberated" and enjoy some peacetime fruit and deserve a good life TOO.

Take him even with collateral damage.
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