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请教包夜问题 ?

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you have to really think about it.. price varies, depends on girls, go try the girls one or twice first, at least you have to know you have the chemistry and you like what she is doing.  
what i know some bros do is, they work out a deal with the girl privately, don't need to pay agency portion.
the other thing you have to consider is how many times can you do it with her... usually twice at night and once in the morning... so really 3 times in total, would it be cheaper to break it up to see the girl 3 separate times? or even 3 separate girls?   how about having a duo for 2 hours instead?  when you are paying that much, there are lots of options...
some independent girls will have their hotel rooms anyway, you don't have to provide a place.
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what i do now instead of going overnight is book 4 hour sessions with girls... usually 4 hours is $1000-1200.. i get to do 3-4 shots in that session, and the whole 4 hours is interactive, no sleeping, more bang for the buck so to speak.

if overnight they charge $2000, i can do two times of 4 hour session with two different girls on two different days.

another way to play, which i have also done, is book a 4 hour session with one girl, and ask that girl to find a duo partner for the last two hours, this way you make sure the session with the two girls is interactive as they probably know each other and worked together before, and you will have a great time.

I have done this with an independent SP (white girl) cost varies, but her charge for 4 hours was $1000 and the last two hour adding another girl was $600... the girl was doing incall in hotel, so i saved money finding a place.  

i won't find a hotel for this...  as this increase your cost to play, your hotel rental is easily 100-150 for a night, it's better to use that money for a 1/2 hour incall with another girl.

also, keep in mind if you rent a hotel, the girl coming to you will be charging you outcall price instead of incall price, and that increases the cost too
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