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The top draw of the fight last night was between Rhonda Rousey and Armanda Nunes.

Rhonda lost her title to Holly Holmes, by a head kick, a few months back which nobody expected.  Rhonda went into seclusion, worked her way back and in much better shape than before her loss, so fans expected Rhonda to re-take the title.

Surprise, surprise, Rhonda got T.K. in about 43" of the first round.

Rhonda's strength was in grabbling which she did not even attempt.  She continued with her weakness which caused her loss to Holly in the first place, and again was out-boxed and got knocked out.

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I am glad that MMA sports writers agreed with me that Rhonda and her coach should be to blame for trying to out punch Amanda which will not happen, because boxing/punching is her weak game not her strength:

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