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[Vietnam] hunting scene

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Vietnam is the little China Brother, they are taking every manufacture factories from China now and will be the next little economie dragon that will skyrocket exponentially.
I do not speak the language, but it has been around 15-20yrs the first Taiwanese pioneers to establish their factories in Ho Chi Minh so now Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean are dominating the industries. Not a problem going around, even taxi drivers will understand your English. There are a lot of Cantonese decents, the whole District 5 is Chinatown so again not a problem
MP are easy to find with decent girls that HJ is on the menu anyhow. BJ MP is a bit harder to find.
FS Spas are very limited, you have to be careful too, there were lots of crackdowns. I have actually saw the crackdown in front of my eye because it is THE BEST spot, and I still am mesmerizing from one of the girl even now.... sniff sniff. Once they charge you with sexual charges, you are in deep shit!!!
Ho Chi Minh is upgrading, so is the expenses, it will get much more expensive next time I visit. USD$60 last time. Hanoi is still very slow on the development so you can get around with USD$30-40 a pop

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WOW, I wish I can pay a visit to Vietnam.

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