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[TampaBay] Bella & Ashlee 美南双珠

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It's been a while since my last post, just too busy as I travel around the states, which keep me focus on work. Back to Toronto this weekend for some hunting.
Meeting with Bella and Ashlee was a coincidence. I was at Chicago for a meeting, just roo boring and decided to check on p411. This pair were happened to visit wind city over the weekend from Tampa FL. They only offered this two gal service, I was hesitate as never tried 一王双后,but went for a shot after seeing their pictures posted. Both looks smoking hot and sedusive.
Booking was easy, and we exchanged multiple emails and texts before date, they were causious as visiting but keep it reasonable as emails coming along with more pictures. So, at date, I went to this downtown hotel, which is not far from my hotel, 5 minutes walk. They greeted me at the door, both well dressed, then let's get down to the business...

Face: 9 Bella is Cuban or some island in those area, and Ashlee might from Southern states, but both faces are pretty.
Body: Bella 7, Ashlee 8. Bella must pregnant before, so her body is a bit saggy, but has great skin with chocolate color, boob is nature C, feels good on hand. Ashlee is more tone body, with a smaller size  B, but looks better. She has a few tatoos.
Service: 9. 一王双后,忙都忙不过来. You feels like shooting a porn movie sometimes with this twould gals. Both BBBj, or sometime I taste one kitty, the other give work on my brother. I did miss, doggy, while another was just beside and touch her pussy and seduce me. The their moaning exchanges really killed me there. Has to mention Ashlee though, she can do cowgirl with HJ, which was exceptional good that I almost cum, and had to stop her (too much time left and I was afraid it wouldn't back up as pretty tired that day. We had multiple experience at the end, this was when I was younger, can't do it now.)
Attitude: 9. Both are good, sweet and willing to cooperate.

I couldn't find their Web page now, use to be datebella . Com. This is actually smart to double team, provide excellent service and menu, but didn't get yourselves too tired. Does any agency offer this in the Toronto area?
Thanks for watching. As I said, back to toronto, will try some gals and post my review.


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