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TOP DRAWER LADIES Models Escorts Agency offering GTA's finest lady companionship

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"We Put The Ass in Class"

Top Drawer Ladies is owned and operated by a male and female business duo.  These two owners realized one day that if they combined their skill sets and used the resources they had available to them, they could build a well respected companionship agency in Toronto.  That agency is called Top Drawer Ladies.  The objective is to create an agency that will operate in a balanced manner.  The environment and approach is to be positive for both the companions, and the clients.  The marketing should be accurate and reflective of a worker as a companion.  We will always provide well-appointed, discreet luxurious incall locations and ensure all client commitments are provided on time.  

Top Drawer Ladies recognizes that there are many clients looking for specific fantasies and fetishes.  We provide a very open approach to special requests, and can even assign a Personal Fantasy Coordinator to work with you to design and have delivered the most vivid re-creation of your fantasy.  You can be as detailed as you like knowing our coordinator has years of experience in the fetish world and can coordinate one or more of our models to deliver it.

Top Drawer Ladies also ensures the models we hire understand the art of companionship.  To recognize that, we have designed our rate structure to benefit multi-hour bookings as well as the multi-hour bookings that include dinner.  We are confident our models can provide high-quality companionship allowing clients to enjoy their time together from start to finish.

When clients arrive at an incall, they will find everything from clean towels, toiletries, and a clean shower as part of a quality environment to experience their fantasies.  Discreet luxurious locations will be the highest priority.  Our outcall services will also strive to deliver commitments on time and mindful of the need for privacy.

The models are managed by a highly successful courtesan who believes in providing an environment that promotes safety and integrity.  Her goal is to provide a positive environment where all aspects of the service provided by the models will be as fully supported as possible so they can focus all of their attention and efforts to the client.

We believe these principles to be key components in providing a quality companionship service and we look forward to the opportunity to confirming our concept with many return visits.  If you’d like to contact us, please call 647-762-4524 or email us at
[email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you.


The Sexodus Series

Top Drawer Ladies is proud to present “The Sexodus Series” of fantasies.  Tired of going out and spending on dates with no satisfaction? With the Sexodus Series you can rest assured that your date is guaranteed to end with a bang! The first of it’s kind designed to provide a variety of fun filled evenings from start to finish with the company of a beautiful Top Drawer Lady.  Choose your fun filled evening event and we will do the rest!

The Oldie But Goodie - (A Classic Dinner-Date)
The classic courting ritual; enjoy the company of a beautiful Top Drawer Lady who will accompany you in a Black Car limo service to a local fine eatery to enjoy a romantic meal.  When done, a Black Car limo will return you both to your/her residence where the romance can continue in a more intimate setting.
Suggested Preparation: Same day booking should be fine
3 Hours - $600 + cost of dinner
4 Hours - $750 + cost of dinner

Pumping Iron - (Workout in more ways than one)
Have you ever seen a hot girl at the gym, wished you could work out with her, then take her home? Now’s your chance! Choose one of your favorite Top Drawer Ladies to meet you at your local gym, have a nice workout, then let a Black Car whisk you home to finish your workout in the privacy of yours or her place.  Find out what Arnold meant when he said “it’s as satisfying to me as cumming is”.

Suggested Preparation: A day in advance in most cases
3 Hours - $600
4 Hours - $750

Oh Three Fourteen - (You + Steak + Top Drawer Lady = Great Night)

At Top Drawer Ladies, we believe every day is March 14th*, and what better way to celebrate then to book this fantasy with your favorite Top Drawer Lady.  Shortly after the arrival of your Top Drawer Lady, a Black Car will be summoned to whisk you both away to a local fine dining steakhouse.  The first $100 of the meal will be covered by your lady in the spirit of her treating you to the well deserved meal.  After the steak ignites your carnal desires, a Black Car will be available to return you and your Top Drawer Lady to her place or yours to continue your carnal meal with the final course that is always guaranteed to be a happy ending.
* - If you’re not familiar with the significance of March 14, please Google it.
Suggested Preparation: 24 hours notice
3.5 Hours - $700 + cost of dinner after first $100
4.5 Hours - $850 + cost of dinner after first $100

Take Me Out To The Ballgame / He Shoots He Scores! - (Dinner, a Sporting Event, and a Home Run!)

Have a complete evening with your favorite Top Drawer Lady that will give you lasting memories and make you feel like a man! To start, a Black Car will whisk you both away to a local eatery to enjoy dinner together.  Afterwards, a Black Car will be summoned to transport you to the game of your choice (you or we can arrange the tickets).  Afterwards, the game is not yet over! Your Black Car will then transport you back to yours or her place for some private time to cap off a complete evening that will be guaranteed to give you reason to cheer.
Suggested Preparation: A day in advance in most cases
6 Hours - $1,000 + cost of tickets & dinner
8 Hours - $1,300 + cost of tickets & dinner

The Stage is Set - (Dinner & a Show)

Now is your chance to put the “Ass” in “Class”!  Experience a classy evening with a beautiful Top Drawer Lady at your side.  You’ll have time for a full evening (Black car provided)  starting with a dinner, then enjoying a show and ending with a nightcap.  We would be more than happy to set the stage for a wonderful evening.
Suggested Preparation: A day in advance in most cases
6 Hours - $1,000 + cost of tickets & dinner
8 Hours - $1,300 + cost of tickets & dinner

Bjeisha Fantasy (pronounced Bay-Sha)
The Bjeisha Fantasy can be described as an experience with a Western Geisha, one that uses some of the elements of a traditional Geisha and combines it with the Escorting of the western world.  The Bjeisha Fantasy is perfect for patrons who seek a higher level of pampering and relaxation in their experience.  The Bjeisha is an attentive host who is focused to deliver a sensual experience to the appreciating patron.  The Bjeisha Fantasy begins the removal of each article of clothing one-by-one and placed neatly on the front of the bed.  The patron is then offered a shower together with the Bjeisha who then towels off the patron and guides them to the bed and provides the letters that replaced G in the word “Geisha”.
$200, Time: 40 mins
$300, Time: 70 mins

The Sultans Private Tent
This Fantasy entails two ladies of your choosing who will take you on a Sultans sexual journey to ecstasy.  To participate, you must bring with you some fruits you enjoy to eat, and skin cream/oil you use for massage.  One of the ladies will shower with you, while the other prepares the fruit.  You will then be toweled down and escorted to the bed where you will fall into the arms of one lady who will pamper you with a nice massage, while the other lady feeds you. Once you’ve finished tasting their fruit, they will then taste your “Forbidden” fruit.
$400, Time: 45 Minutes (Duo)
$700, Time: 90 Mintues (Duo) Including

The ForeHand
This Fantasy entails two ladies of your choosing who will take you on a trip of relaxation and bliss.  Imagine 4 hands on 2 women kneading and massaging your aching muscles to releive your stress in every part of your body. From head to toe and from the bottom to the tip, you every physical need will be attended to until you are completely relaxed and all your stresses are released from your body.
$300, Time: 40 Minutes (Duo)
$500, Time: 60 Mintues (Duo)

Sexy Party
For the part of you that appreciates epicurean adventures, we can arrange an experience of 3 lovely Top Drawer ladies of your choosing dressed in fine lingerie at your service. An evening fit for a King. A memory guaranteed to linger. This is the next level.
1.5 Hours - $1,000 ($1,200 Interactive)
3 Hours - $2,000 ($2,400 Interactive)


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