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Spas/MPs & FS 按摩場&全套 - Don't Ask Don't Tell 不要問也不要說

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The US military has a policy of "don't ask don't tell" as a way of handling the difficult issue of homosexuals in the army. Here we are adopting the same policy regarding full service in spas and massage parlors.

Most people should know this by now but just for those newbies, spa/mp are licensed businesses that do massage service. Most of them will also offer handjobs and bodyslides which isnt much of problem, but full service is a big no-no that can get them in deep trouble if caught. Therefore, please don't ask about it, and if you had it before, don't tell about it.

Any obvious sexual services such as blowjobs and full service (sexual intercourse) should be kept to yourself. Such services, if available, are probably YMMV, so just consider yourself lucky, and don't give them trouble and put them into a difficult situation by telling others. Don't tell us, we don't want to know. Besides, many people are often just bullshitting and want to make themselves look/feel special by making up stories of extra services they received. This kind of egotistical boasting that serves no purpose other than vanity but harmful to others will not be allowed here.

美軍對於軍中同性戀者採取 “不問不說” 的政策。即是說, 你自己知道就好了, 不要說出來, 因為大家不想知. 在這裡,我們對於按摩場提供全套性服務也採取同樣策略。

其實多數狼友都應該知道了, 但必須告訴新手,按摩場是持牌經營的合法生意。一般都會提供的handjobs和bodyslides沒什麼問題,但全套性服務就是大忌, 可能給店主帶來很大麻煩. 所以請不要問那些店提供, 如果你知道那裡有, 也請不要說出來.

口交和做愛等服務往往都是少部份的MM提供給個別的客人. 所以請不要說出來讓她們難做. 因為其他客人有同樣要求而她們不想做卻很難推. 你自己知道就好了, 我們不想知. 何況, 常常都有些內心自悲的人愛在網上吹牛皮, 其中一樣就是自誇得到別人沒有的特別待遇. 這些為滿足個人虛榮心而傷害別人的言論我們是不容許的.

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